Zigama CSS counter services an embarrassment to the government effort.

Editor,I salute the government’s resolution to improve customer care in the country.

I salute the government’s resolution to improve customer care in the country.

However, some tellers in banking institutions have failed to live up to the country’s resolution.  A case in point is Zigama CSS which happens to be my favorite bank.

I once happened to be there in the evening at around 5:00PM to withdraw money for my weekend.

I was on the queue for more than an hour, when I finally decided to go to the person who was before me in the queue and negotiated with him to let me be served first because I had some personal issues to solve before 6:30.

No sooner had I reached the bank teller than she began wasting my time asking me what I had been talking about previously.

I told her it was none of her concern. She immediately said “urumva shahu agasuzuguro” (literally meaning “what contempt”!) and gave me my bank book without giving me a coin. 

I had to go to the next branch and was served.

I ask myself, where was the contempt in this? Was she supposed to enter my conversation?

Since a customer is a king, am I not the one who was treated with instead?

Remember that in all service starts with respect. If you respect the customer as a human being, and truly honor their right to be treated fairly and honestly, everything else is much easier.

Imagine if more than 50 people were treated this way and decided to pull out their savings with the bank?

My advice to the management they should put in place an automated queuing system, customer care trainings should be administered to CSS staff and CSS customers should be treated with the dignity they deserve.

Apart from this messy staff, CSS has improved and I really salute it for this. I conclude with Donald Porter’s quote; “customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.”

We expect CSS to correct where it goes wrong.



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