Congratulations BCR!

I would like to express my appreciation to Rwanda Commercial Bank (BCR) for their great service provided to clients.
BCR is one of the very few banks if not the only one that a client would always find open at any hour of the day, but I carry my appreciations to the great services of the bank operating until late.
This has made the bank’s clients more comfortable with the services and has contributed much to the employee-employer relations because we do not have to escape from work before time just to rush to the bank before it closes. The tellers are friendly and never show any sign of tiredness or discomfort at work.
However, the bank shouldn’t be so reluctant satisfying its clients and forget that security for our money is also paramount.
The more the bank operates late in the night the more security should be tightened make the client even more comfortable with the services there. Think of more ATM machines in town.

Musonera Edward

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