On the cover Makeda Mahadeo

People have always been captivated with the stories of young Rwandan women and men who have defied the odds to pursue their dreams and become better people.

People have always been captivated with the stories of young Rwandan women and men who have defied the odds to pursue their dreams and become better people.

On the cover is DJ Makeda Mahadeo, whose aspirations to become a music mixer became a reality.

In this issue, Makeda gives us a glimpse of her life as a female DJ and a radio presenter — beyond her social life.

Makeda was born 1987, in the US to a Jamaican mother and Rwandan father. She, however, grew up from Jamaica where she pursued her education and holds a Bachelors degree in Literature.

She has excelled as a mixer and radio DJ. And anyone who has met her will attest that Makeda is the living embodiment of a perfect and talented lady.

Her style is distinctive in the way that she uses her experience to make her sensational mixes which has put her on the map of the country’s music industry.

The 23-year-old puts her passion to good use, and shows that it is possible to overcome giant obstacles and survive in the male dominated field without fear, scoring a perfect example for her fellow young women.

Makeda is a host of ‘The Switch’, a famous talk show on Contact FM.
She shares her story of determination and reveals her formula to success and her enthusiasm to be a DJ.

“I started out as a casual mixer and I was encouraged by my friends in high school, but I had never ‘djed’ in public until I came to Rwanda,” Makeda said.

Makeda, a daughter to Rwanda’s famous Rastafarian/DJ, the late Aloys Karamuheto, alias Bongoman, said that her father was her greatest inspiration.

“He also started as a DJ and performed both in Nairobi and Kigali,” Makeda said. “When I told him that I wanted to be a DJ, he encouraged me and said that it was good.”

Makeda got her start at DMH club (now closed) in Nyamirambo, where she spun the discs and wowed the audiences.

“My father actually attended and danced till dawn,” she recalls.

The beauteous gives readers a peek into her flourishing career, and her overwhelming joy to partake in improving the country’s music industry.

She spins a variety of selections, including Top East African music, citing her favourites as Dancehall and Reggae.

Also, get the scoop on what she thinks about being a female DJ, which makes her a woman epitomizing “beauty and brains.”

 “I love ‘dje-ing’ and I want to take it to a better level,” Makeda said. “Being a female DJ has somehow helped me because a lot of people become curious and interested,” Makeda explained.

She added “…I’m lucky enough to have good friends who are always around me and I’ve never been harassed in club.”

Makeda urged young people to pursue their dreams, and avoid doing things which do not make them feel comfortable.

She also encouraged people to develop the reading culture. “If you come across any book, grab it because it will help you to learn a lot of things.”

In addition to spinning the discs, Makeda is certainly not camera shy. She has featured in a documentary trailer called ‘Coming Back to Rwanda’ written and directed by Allan Karakire.


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