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Where is the law on smoking?

I have always had problems with smokers and when they talked about banning public smoking, I was the happiest.
However, to my surprise the law was only talked about and left at that.

 I don’t mind smoking in their private homes or minding our (non smokers’) health but I have a problem with smokers who go on puffing in everyone’s faces.

Yesterday, I felt so terrible when one of my workmates did exactly that without minding someone who might be allergic to the smoke.

 For God’s sake I don’t smoke and really feel bad at inhaling that contaminated smoke.

 I felt like slapping him with my sandal. This calls for discipline among smokers. If they choose not to mind their health others do and have a right to live it to the fullest.

 They should not extend their misery to others. Life is short and precious so we value it.

Law makers should do something or tell us whether the law was damped in favour of business with tobacco companies.




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