Family planning is vital for a responsible society

Recently, I travelled to Byumba somewhere in the Northern Province and to my dismay, for every Kilometre I moved, I found children that attracted my attention and I decided to stop to find out where they were either going or doing.

The woman I asked was also carrying a baby on her back and she was also pregnant. She did not see any problem having two babies in almost the same year but only told me that giving birth in Byumba was the order of the day.

She appeared like someone in her mid twenties and able to give birth to more children if nothing was done yet she did not consider giving birth at that rate a problem at all.

The country has many of such people yet the government reports indicate that in a few years, the country will only be able to handle a limited number of people, prompting government to take a serious action like China did.

I would like to urge the government to carry out family planning sensitisation sessions to among the lower levels for everyone to appreciate the need to have few children.

This will help our society have responsible citizens; this will only be possible if they are brought up responsibly.



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