Replace road signposts

I believe it is in the effort to make the city clean and attractive, free from accidents, that the signposts were planted on the roadsides.

 Bus- stop, roundabout ahead, humps ahead are some of the words displayed on these sign posts. It is unfortunate that those that are knocked down by vehicles are not replaced.

This is not because the authorities are not informed.

 Not at all, because any signpost that is knocked is normally plucked out and taken. I believe these factors were all considered before planting them and a possible solution needed. Why then do we have some of them not replaced?

It should either be the ministry of infrastructure or the city authorities who should be answerable. There should be some measures put in place to protect these road features because they are helpful.

The purpose of these road signs is still valid.

They are therefore needed. This also applies to the beautiful palm trees planted on some of the most beautiful roads in the city. I have personally seen a vehicle knocking one and left it unattended; I believe they need replacement too.

 A better city plan to maintain some of these structures should also be considered even during the proposal and the funds reserved for the activity.



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