Someone stop the criminal French enterprise

It was reported last week that the French authorities have constituted a Commission of five experts to ascertain “the circumstances, mandates and authors” of the downing the aircraft that caused the death of Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira “which prompted the Rwandan genocide”. 

It was reported last week that the French authorities have constituted a Commission of five experts to ascertain “the circumstances, mandates and authors” of the downing the aircraft that caused the death of Habyarimana and Cyprien Ntaryamira “which prompted the Rwandan genocide”. 

According to the Daily “Le Parisien”, French Judge Marc Trevidic “intends to go to Rwanda along with experts he has nominated and get conclusions within a year.”  It was reported that Trevidic and his assistant Nathalie Poux had convened a group of experts in ballistics, explosives, aeronautics and geometry to “plan a reconstruction of the crush on the ground in Rwanda.” 

The judge is working on a case of widows of French mercenaries, who had sold their souls to the piloting the Rwandan despot and died together in the ill-fated Falcon. 

The mercenaries were part of a larger French scheme to support an African dictator, who lied to the world that his country was too small to accommodate all its citizens, and part of its citizenry should be kept in refugee camps wherever they were.

This of course is not the first investigation in the circumstances of the shooting down of Habyarimana’s Dassault Falcon 50, registration Number 9XR-NN; the Belgian Senate carried out investigations in 1997;  the French National Assembly carried out its investigation 1998; the Organization of African Unity (OAU) carried out its investigation in 2000; Rwanda  set up two separate commissions: one  “charged with assembling proof of the involvement of France in the genocide” and  another to  carry out “ Investigation into the Causes and Circumstances of and Responsibility for the Attack of 06/04/1994 Against The Falcon 50 Rwandan Presidential Aeroplane Registration Number 9XR-NN”. Even Africa’s most kleptocratic despots, Mobutu and Arap Moi, demanded inquiry into the shooting down of the Falcon in September, 1995 and October, 1995 respectively. 

The problem is that the French are not unlike a debilitating disease that will not let Rwandans concentrate on their reconstruction and development. Every time Rwandans hope they have covered one page in putting the history of their country to where it belongs so they can build their future, the criminal French come up with yet another obstacle to reverse any gains made.

If the French judge wants to carry out any meaningful investigation in the shooting down of Habyarimana’s plane, he does not need to come to Africa but should start in France by interviewing Claude Silberzahn and Jaques Dewatre, Directors of Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE) for the period 1989-1993 and 1993-1999 respectively and their criminal activities in Rwanda and on behalf of the Rwandan ethnic regime. How DGSE transported opportunists like Abdul Ruzibiza from Kampala and wrote for him what is attributed to him might help Trevidic than experts in ballistics and geometry, to understand the circumstances of the death of Habyarimana.

Their role in misinforming the world and twisting the truth would provide more information than sketches in Kigali over events that happened 16 years ago.  

The judge should investigate why Dassault, the French company that manufactured the Falcon 50 initially denied that the plane was equipped with data and voice recorders but to made a U-turn during their submissions during the 2001 French judicial inquiry, when they said the presidential plane had been equipped with CVR.

The French judge should investigate the claims by then French minister for Transport on 27 June, 1994 when he told Di Rupo the then Director of Cabinet to the Belgian Vice Prime Minister, that French authorities were in possession of the black box yet the French authorities denied having it when Judge Damien Vandermeersch requested to be allowed access to the black box later.

The admission by Col. “Apocalypse” Theoneste Bagosora on 18 May, 2000 that on 8 May, 1994 he sent Col. Ephrem Rwabarinda to Paris to deliver “photos of missiles and tape recordings of the air traffic control communications for the crash” for his French handlers to analyze, should be a useful lead as to who had access to the crush site, and who controlled the area from which the missiles were fired, than reminding Rwandans that the French might have anything to do with Rwanda again.

The judge should investigate the role and motive of French “Caucasian interahamwe” directing the Para-commando unit and presidential guard units in ex-FAR on 6 April, 1994 blocking and denying access to UNAMIR military personnel sent by Belgian Col. Luc Marchal, the KIBAT Commander, to the crush site so that they could secure it pending an international inquiry and yet thugs like Rwabalinda could tamper with exhibits, flying some to Paris. 

Trevidic and Poux should investigate why the flight data recorder “in possession” of the French Ministry of transport in June 1994 ended up in the locked filing cabinet in the UN’s air safety unit in New York in March 2004 and investigate the source of Le Monde, the Newspaper that first published news about its existence which no doubt was the handwork of DGSE.

He might be interested in investigating why analysis of  the recovered Flight data recorder that showed up at the UN headquarters, probably part of exhibits carried to France by Col. Rwabalinda for ‘analysis’ by the manufacturers proved “that conversations and technical parameters” were recorded on the ground instead of during flight and moreover had never been fitted in the plane.”

Rwandans have never taken arms to France to kill a section of the French population. No Rwandan has fought in France on behalf of a section of the French. No Rwandan has prodded and encouraged any section of the French population to carry out genocide against another section of the French. Rwandans and the world know what the French criminals did prior to and during the genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda through the work of “Mucyo Commission” and the “Mutsinzi Commission” reports.

For Rwanda’s sake the memory of anything French should be in our unfortunate history, what they did and not criminal investigations 16 years of what they and their agents did in the country. Someone stop the French judge and their criminal scheme before they set foot in Rwanda.