Tom Close busier than ever

We’ve over time talked about the amazing change of face of Rwandan local music and the step up of the musicians who sing those songs.
Tom Close
Tom Close

We’ve over time talked about the amazing change of face of Rwandan local music and the step up of the musicians who sing those songs.

 Tom Close, real name Thomas Muyombo is one of these figures who played big for Rwandese music to turn out as cool as it appears today. He is apparently in the ripest moments of his music carrier and proving to be one of the busiest and most active singers Rwanda has ever seen come up.

He came onto the music scene on a super blitz in early 2008 with his second single ‘Kuki’ (after ‘Mbwira’). You remember this wonder song in the then less known R’nB music style?

Thanks to producer Mozey who with his peculiar touch made Tom’s music glittery.
Tom Close had to play patience doing his music with his ‘cousin’ The Ben. And it was not until the completion of his ‘Kuki’ album in May 2008 that he actually convinced fans that he had all it took to be a superstar. 

The album won him numerous fans plus the Salux ‘Artist of the Year’ award 2008-09.

Tom in the Goodlyfe
Tom Close is not only talented but also damn fortunate. This fortune recently landed him into the rich favour of the Uganda’s on-form, ‘Goodlyfe Crew’ where the giants Weasle and Radio rule.

‘Mana’ started pouring onto his world last year when he contracted the dual to perform at his 21 September ‘Sibeza’ album launch concert.

The ‘Potential’ stars soon after added Tom Close to their label owing to his magical voice and their move to puff up their fan base to outside their capital.

Tom, also a Medicine Student at UNR finds himself in the company of many other top names in Ugandan showbiz like Rabadaba, Ks Alpha and Viboyo who are also members of the Goodlyfe.

And has anyone out there heard the song ‘Mama Wabana’ where Tom Close features Weasle and Radio?  He assured the SundayMag on his arrival from Uganda after recording the song that it was already hitting on the neighbour’s radio waves.

During the tour, he also entertained Rwandan University students doing their books in Uganda. It was spiced by the company of the Goodlyfe crewmates.

He is busier than ever at present recording songs and shooting videos for his third album and ooops... the project is being done at the new Goodlyfe music factory called ‘Wash ‘N Tone’ studios. He hopes to complete it by the end of May 2010 and launch it in summer.

The album features collabors of Uganda’s dancehall luminary Radabada and Zambia’s reining hit-maker General Ozzy. Radio’s voice which is often mistaken for a deliberate auto tune feeling, of course along with Weasle will sort of dominate the collabors.

Tom will also enjoy the bit wallet-wise as his 3rd album will be paid for by MTN- Uganda, an already done deal. He will also be chanced to market his music East Africa-wide on a promising note, largely due to his association with some of East Africa’s finest-the crew.

Tom is speeding and never shows signs of wrapping-up his success story. He has been for the second time nominated as Rwandan ‘Artist of the year’ and Best R’nB artist 2010- go... Tom!