Fashion / Style: Hair pieces back in vogue

Whether your intention is just to improve your looks or add an extra length, hair pieces or wigs can accommodate both your wishes effortlessly.

Whether your intention is just to improve your looks or add an extra length, hair pieces or wigs can accommodate both your wishes effortlessly.

Make yourself proud by investing in your hair and working towards enhancing your looks. A good quality wig will quickly transform the appearance of fine, wiry or short hair to new long thick healthy and natural looking hair.

You may wear a trendy outfit and perfect makeup, but poor quality and messy hair ruins everything. On the other hand, neat and well styled hair will lead to a perfect look.
Hairstyles change from time to time, and the latest trend in the hair fashion is the hair extensions.

More women than ever are opting for wigs to maintain or enhance their natural quality, resulting in hair that is thicker, healthier, and more resilient than ever!

From teenagers to adults, women are turning away from harsh chemicals and dyes, and instead opting for a more natural look that enhances their appearance.

According to Juliet Ingabire, a beautician, women from all walks of life and ages, will look to wigs as a creative tool as part of their overall style rather than installing them simply for length.

 “Without chemicals, the health of the natural hair is preserved and the wig’s colour can be chosen more precisely and easily changed as often as you’d like,” she says.

With wigs and a talented stylist, women are able to alter the angle, length, or style, while creating a look that is most flattering to them.

Wigs have become huge today, and it is apparent that most women of all age groups wish to add an extra length to glam their looks for a big event.

So while we see our wigs as a great way to give us a beauty boost and make us feel great as we hit an event, it’s obvious that female celebrities have played a big role to influence the trend.

The celebrity trends inspire women to opt for everything they wear. The trend of wigs is growing popular as it can give different looks in just no time. Also, some women are willing to pay huge amounts of money for wigs to emphasise their status.

However, not all that glitters is gold. As the demand for wigs shores up, a study has revealed that women could end up paying a high price as the repercussions of wigs could lead to permanent hair loss.

Women who regularly use hair extensions have a greater risk of developing receded hairline.

According to hair restoration surgeon Dr Bessam Farjo, women as young as 25 develop bald spots trying to ape celebrity styles—he explained the condition as “traction alopecia” where hair loss is caused when wigs exert constant tension over a long period on the scalp and hair follicles.

Hair specialists urge that wigs should only be done by experts. Getting it done from any person will do more harm to your hair than good.