FOCUS: ‘Salux Awards’ are back!

It is noticeable almost for every eye that Rwanda’s showbiz has for the past few months taken wider strides in the right and progressive direction.

It is noticeable almost for every eye that Rwanda’s showbiz has for the past few months taken wider strides in the right and progressive direction.

Among advancements made was the introduction of local music awards for achievers and on top of the recognized list so far comes ‘Salux Awards’.

In the years past, fans had to go for live broadcasts of Hollywood star-awards shows. Even neighbouring Uganda proved our showbiz superiors whenever their PAM awards came around.

You remember nominating Rwanda’s best artists for Ugandan PAM awards? Well, that turns to be history because Rwandans now have local music awards to watch live- thanks to the National University of Rwanda (UNR) and Salus Radio, the organizers who broke that new ground.

2008-2009 was the first ‘Salux’ awarding year and the organizers deserved credit for their great work. But many somethings need to be corrected in 2009-2010 awards if the awarding event is to be upgraded.

The first (Salux) awards show came with a show-stopping version calling continuous “booo..s” from dissatisfied fans and fanatics who objected the introduction and crowning of several ‘doubtable’ nominees.

 It all started when Lady Liza beat her contend-ants as the ‘Female Artist of the year’. Miss Shanel’s then fresh monster-hit ‘Ndarota’ was echoing all over and dancehall belle Miss Jojo was still walking on the water-perhaps either of them had talent that would beat the then less known Liza.

Dr Jack being named the best audio producer of the year beating the on-form, Mastora and Jay-P came as a surprise win.

The 2009-10 ‘Salux’ are at the doorstep and nominations are already out. The nominee-categorizing has been improved which gives the awards a more genuine face and standard categories like ‘New Artist of the year’ and Best Video’ have at last been included.

Our prestigious culture has also been honoured by nominating best folk groups and recognizing Mr. Rafiki for connecting Rwandan culture to modern music  with introduction of his famous ‘Coga style’.

This time round, most nominees are the industry’s most popular with exceptions of personalities like Afro beat struggler KNC who is more famous for theatre than Afro-beat music where he was nominated.

And does anyone out there nod in that baby rapper Babou deserved nomination for “Best teen” after his one song? I am his fan too, but he still has a way to go though this class has fewer competitors.

Uncle Austin also did not need to be classified with Kitoko and Coga master for the afro-beat honour? This is more or less naming Jamaica’s Beenie man or General Levi afro-beat stars- comical! I would rather let the ragamuffin run unopposed ragga talent.

 We will also pardon the Salux organizers for not including the Hip Hop wonder-girl Paccy in “Best Female” category and the KGB for the best group even after their dramatic comeback. ‘Nsubiza’ singer Emmy also deserved to have his name among the best newcomers.

The 2008-9 ‘Salux Awards’ were good even being the first of their type. Now can’t wait for the better May 2009 -10 and the super 2011 or forever awards.