Relationships: Girls go slow! humps ahead!

MEN come in different shapes and sizes not forgetting behaviours, but remember, not all adult male are men.

MEN come in different shapes and sizes not forgetting behaviours, but remember, not all adult male are men.

It’s up to you girls to make a good choice bearing in mind that the choice you make while deciding on a partner affects all areas of your life. That’s why you should take your time. Imagine if you landed for one of the following?

MR.RUSH: nobody ever told him ‘time is money’ works in other areas not in relationships. Imagine you’ve just met a man for the first date but he’s all over you like chicken pox. “You are Irene, right?” He asks, “Am Ivan.

Irene you’re damn gorgeous! I love you, I would like to marry you & spend the rest of my life with you. I …bla blah,” jeez! Didn’t anyone tell them you can’t rush a good thing?

Just tell him he’s lost, he shouldn’t be here with you but at the offices of the Rwanda mountain gorilla rally organizers registering for the upcoming car rally. Sure with his speed, number one place is his!
WIPER: You’re having a romantic evening walk, the problem is, he moves his head from side to side like a wind screen wiper checking out babes.

It’s even worse when you’re out on a dinner date, he just don’t seem to be contented being with you, he keeps stealing lustful glances from your cleavage to the waitress’ bottom.

You’re talking to him but he seems so busy downloading all females in the place. Little darling, just grab your handbag and don’t forget to delete his phone number on your way out! He won’t even notice you’re absence for some minutes!

MEAN WALLET: He takes you out to the cheapest joint in town. And before he orders, he first asks the waiter the price of every meal & drink. He’s the kind who negotiates over priced menu.

The conversation all through dinner is about how costly things are. Guys, it doesn’t have to be Serena hotel or Mille Collines, a simple but decent place will do, but taking her all the way to Biryogo (a Nyamirambo slum) for cheap brochettes is overboard!

STING: He’s rude to the brim! He doesn’t have respect. He yells at other drivers in the jam, shouts at the waitress’ for delaying, threatens to sack the gatekeeper for being slow but he smiles at you.

Girl, don’t be fooled, it’s a matter of time before he bites your head off too, run sister run!

MR SHINNY: True, ladies usually get engrossed to smart guys. Guys who take good care of their selves; there’s nothing wrong with that, but a guy who owns a dressing table in his room!

He spends much time worrying about his skin and finger nails. Guys, a little lip-balm is acceptable but have you ever met a fully grown up man with shinny-glossy–lips? Or a wet-look head?

Girls, if you move in with him, be ready to fight over things like lip liner, lip gloss and skin cleanser.

MR.FLASHY: will do anything for attention from wearing colourful clothes to loud perfumes. He’s the kind who puts on red or yellow suits to a funeral; he’s not ashamed to wear sun glasses indoors or at night.

This kind usually lacks identity; they’re always talking about how rich their dads are.

He will be like, “When my father was in the United States..,” “…did you know colonel so and so is my uncle?” Or “The other day I was at minister … you know he studied with my mum in primary.” He will go on and on about how he’s from a big important family.