FOCUS:How money matters matter on the way to South Africa 2010

South Africa and the World Cup 2010 are the topics all over the world today, go to  Europe, Asia, Australia and America, you will tell me.

South Africa and the World Cup 2010 are the topics all over the world today, go to  Europe, Asia, Australia and America, you will tell me.

Even the blind, lame, and deaf are very aware of this occasion to take place in Africa precisely south Africa for the first time.

This is one of the occasions which come back after a long period of time, four years to be precise, and every one wishes   to take part in it.

This would have been a great opportunity for every African to be in South Africa cheering for our fellow brothers and sisters who will be participating in this tourney.

However, all occasions in life have limits to people, which include different potential, capability and willingness to do something.

But not all people’s abilities are the same that’s why you find people living in different standards and life styles.

Africa is hosting the World Cup for the first but due to the financial differences between people in different continents around the world.

People from the west have so far bought a big number of tickets to watch the games. You can just imagine how many Africans have been watching the world cup live since its History.

This is so because most of the hosting countries in its history have been in Europe, Asia, America etc. This means it’s not about passion or loving soccer but many are there for a tour.

After three of five ticketing sales phases for the 2010 fifa world cup in South Africa two thirds of the available tickets have been sold.

According to the world cup count down, it’s 95 days to go and almost 600,000 tickets are still available. Is it possible for the half of the 600,000 to fall in Africa within days less than 89?

Football fans in Europe are considered the best ’cause they plan for future matches and occasions.

Before one year to the Fifa 2010 world cup, people in Brazil had started escaping to South Africa for world cup.

This was done through savings of money from their petty petty jobs and most of the people who were caught in the act were prostitutes.

This year South Africa is going to be regarded as the centre of the world. It ought to prepare properly for the big event.

To ensure that the fifa 2010 world cup will be unforgettable to the whole world and Africa at large, hosting the event must be a long term legacy.

It has so far been estimated that the fifa 2010 world cup will create almost 129000 jobs which will contribute to all citizens in Africa.

According to a poll, 89 percent of the South Africans believe the country will benefit from the fifa world cup 2010, and 11percent of the population don’t believe in any benefit from the occasion.

After the Togolese saga were by players were shot and others injured, every person in the world started thinking  about  the future of the fifa 2010 world cup in south Africa.

But today South Africa has concentrated its organization on the security at both the stadiums and outside the stadiums.

All football fans have been warned about the sturbon and friendly monkeys which have dominated the city of Johannesburg.

Every visitor has been asked to be aware of them by closing car windows while driving in jo-burg. 

All Africans should  thank  the current  fifa  president  Sepp  Blatter who provided Africa with this chance to host  such  a big occasion for south Africa 2010, not forgetting Nelson Mandela and the country itself for  competing for the Bid. 

But at the end of it all, for those who will go to South Africa, they should ensure their purses are won’t let them down. The show should be the greatest in Africa. We can’t wait.