What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Here comes 2010, and 2009 is now history. Some people have started making flashbacks, to see what they achieved in 2009, and make new plans for the New Year.

Here comes 2010, and 2009 is now history. Some people have started making flashbacks, to see what they achieved in 2009, and make new plans for the New Year.

It’s survival for the fittest, and it’s apparent that Rwanda is developing at a very high speed. This means, there in no time to waste.

Now, it’s time to make resolutions, and work hard achieve them.

Tips to help you make your resolutions a priority, and have a reason to celebrate at the end of the year:

Get a better job: All over the country, unemployment is up and people are being laid off from work. Some have been forced by circumstances to quit their jobs, while others have been doing jobs they would not wish to do, but for survival reasons.

So, in 2010, do not relax and wait for the miracles to be performed. Try and find yourself the best you can do for a living. Try searching from the news papers, radios, televisions, and intet they are always advertised.

Get into shape: This has been always a favourite resolution for many, especially ladies, and some young men. At least everyone wants to be healthier, more attractive, but most importantly look good.

There are many and different ways how one can shape up. Go to the gym, swim, sauna, or jog, it will workout for you.

Give-up a habit: Boozing, chain-smoking, laziness, gossiping and poor eating habits are among the common bad habits we should not carry on into the New Year.

We all have those bad habits we need to give up and this is the right time to combat them. You can start by putting down the cigarette, leaving the alcohol, avoiding gossip, improving your diet, and strategising yourself for constructive activities.

Find a mate: Is a relationship on the list of your New Year’s resolution? You will never find that special person waiting at your house, or in the bedroom! Also, watch out for wrong characters, and crooks, otherwise you might end up regretting the relationship you entered into.      

Take a trip: Are you adventurous, how many countries or places have you toured throughout 2009? Travelling to different places is a great ideal for your knowledge. With this year, consider making several trips and vacations and travel beyond your country.

Be more organised: Very many people want things yesterday, or simply clear the clutter from their lives. They want things to be performed magically; but even for the magic to be performed there must be an extra force to enforce the magic. Learn to be organised and working according to your schedule.

Develop a hobby: Perhaps you are bored with what you have been currently and feel like you want to divert to a new field. There are plenty of other activities you can turn your career to.

Why not try sports, entertainment, fashion designing, politics, or even any other sort of business. Just think of anything that can make you feel comfortable, but when at the same time it will yield you money.

Long live and a prosperous New Year 2010.




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