In Rwanda, it rains blessings

The miscellaneous white and sky blue background gave the gardens the most adorable look I have ever seen. The red roses teamed with red carpets gave the place a fairy castle look.
When rain spoils it all
When rain spoils it all

The miscellaneous white and sky blue background gave the gardens the most adorable look I have ever seen. The red roses teamed with red carpets gave the place a fairy castle look.

“As a kid, I always dreamed of having a Cinderella wedding,” said Rita Abatoni, the bride. The Cinderella story book was Abatoni’s favourite, definitely she had to set an imaginary Cinderella castle for her wedding!

Abatoni’s wedding setting was extraordinary and beautiful but it was outside in the park. Apart from the nearby hosting hotel, there was no single tent.

The bride and Groom were happy and enjoying every bit of the wedding. Guests were chuckling with joy and laughter. Everything seemed to go as planned until nimbus clouds took over.

As usual, rain is always the uninvited guest who takes opportunity of major functions in people’s lives. Rainfall disorganizes the greatest days in people’s lives.
 Dress up to kill, for that long awaited interview, clouds will gather from no where and rain will fall.

Mr. Rainfall invites himself on weddings, funerals, birthday parties, evening walks, to mention but a few. A very profound Ugandan saying describes rainfall as misfortune to the disadvantaged, “When the poor make an appointment, it’s when it rains.”

To the English, it rains cats and dogs, that’s how best they can describe heavy rains. To the contrary, sunshine means a blessing, a smile is always compared to a bright sunny day while a frown is called a cloudy day.

“The summer season always holds beautiful memories, but there is almost nothing good to remember about winter,” says Angella Aldinger, an American friend.

While rain is regarded as a disaster to several communities, in Rwanda ‘it rains blessings.’ Be it on a very important ceremony, rainfall is always welcome whatever mess it may cause.

 Rainfall always gets compliments apart from just a few exceptions. And when the sun shines for longer than expected, a true Rwandan regards it a curse from God.
“Apart from making the land rich and fertile, rainfall comes with only positive things,” says Stratton Mugenzi, 73. As a child, Mugenzi’s parents groomed him while telling him about the superstitions on rainfall.

“The childhood legend that can never leave my memory is about the god of rainfall. Mother told me that, he dwelt in the lake and made rainfall whenever he was happy with what humans were doing,” says Mugenzi.

Ancient Rwandan parents made their children believe that rainfall was sacred. The sacred beliefs about rain are part and partial to any distinctive Rwandan.

Rainfall during a wedding means the happiest beginning of marriage. It’s a sign that God approves of the wedding and thus will bless the couple abundantly.

“Rainfall eliminated my doubts on having a childless marriage, rainfall means being blessed with children,” says Abatoni.
When it rains during a funeral, definitely the deceased has been kind hearted. Rainfall brings hope amidst tears; it’s a sacred sign that the late has been accepted in heaven. Rainfall also cleanses bad days.

“When it rains on Christmas or Easter, God is cleansing and purifying his land and the people in it,” says James Rutayisire.
Though floods at times ruin homes and lives, Rwandans are never biased on rainfall. And as the clouds gather, people just can’t wait to receive the blessings that come with the rain.




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