Get inspired: For every storm, there is a rainbow

On discovery that you are HIV positive, your whole world is in a comma. Do you recline in wait for death, or you stand up to confront the situation?

On discovery that you are HIV positive, your whole world is in a comma. Do you recline in wait for death, or you stand up to confront the situation?

HIV is a hard situation right there, one of the most complicated situations life brings. Plainly, life engages more ‘situation management.’ Each moment in life is a situation, be it positive or negative, to win you must face it.

Waking up to your work place is a situation; you either enjoy your sweet sleep or go toil for the future. Humans usually let good situations pass; they only get stuck in the bad ones. Talk of death; people never get over the deceased, no matter how long.

“Hard situations provide sulking, not solutions. The more remorseful one gets, the more they sink in a terrible situation,” says Alphonse Kwizera.

When Kwizera discovered he was HIV positive, in 2004, life became a lost battle. He let fate define his future.

“I stayed up all night, and slept all day. I saw no meaning in trying ARVS,”narrates Kwizera. He believed he would die in the shortest time possible.

Obviously Kwizera had made belief that he would die in the shortest time possible but five years down the road, he is happy and healthy.

The difference Kwizera made was changing his attitude towards his situation. Tough situations will always come your way but what matters is your courage towards them. Even when you are pushed to the wall, there is always a way out. All you need is a little bit of faith.

The bible icon Job gives a good lesson on facing terrible situations. He lost his wealth, children, wife and all he had lived for but guess what, he still stood unshaken in his faith. Instead of mourning, he reasoned with God on how he had been faithful, in the end he got everything back.

If America had only stood still and trembled about the financial crisis, surely the world should have died of anger and poverty by now. If the survivor of the titanic accident hadn’t had the courage to live no matter what she had undergone, she would probably have drowned too.

The long road of life brings very many falls but what matters is getting up. Yes, dust off the dirt from the fall and look straight ahead for the best. Staying down is the worst you can ever do. Besides if others are courageous enough to get up whenever they fall, why not you?

Dwelling in a bad situation makes people their worst while getting over a situation provides untold courage and a testimony to hearten others undergoing the very condition.
Rising is always hard but it’s the only way out. And for victors, this is how you get back to your feet.

Accept the situation and the fact that it has probably happened to many others. This way, you will know how to attack and win the situation using other people’s or your own methods.

Be assured of winning. Hard situations are like the battle field. Once you go to the front with doubts, you’ll lose.
Seek positive help. If it’s a disease, medical care is necessary. Also find positive and inspiring friends, negative company will only bring you next to the grave.

Have passion and live for something. It might be your children, parents or your career. Don’t let a bad situation ruin you. Never let anything take away your happiness.
Situations come and go. Situations don’t last forever.

There is always a season of laughter, joy or tears.
Life is so precious. The bold will always look back at tough situations with a smile. Be among them.