GET INSPIRED : Fear, the number one enemy to success

Those childhood tales! Almost every kid who grew up in the remote has a memorable tale about sorcerers. The distinct threat that would put kids back to their place without parents’ hassling was ‘taking them to the sorcerers’ camp.

Those childhood tales! Almost every kid who grew up in the remote has a memorable tale about sorcerers. The distinct threat that would put kids back to their place without parents’ hassling was ‘taking them to the sorcerers’ camp.

The great fear about sorcerers intensified the more as children grew up. Because of this, chidren imagined how sorcerers looked like, how cruel they were and the way they used magic to get their prey {people}.

“I was hell scared of passing through banana plantations in the evening. Because of how scared I was, I kept seeing imaginary shadows of sorcerers, this would make me takeoff,” says Stephene Mugisha. Mugisha grew up in Kiboga a remote area in Uganda.

Though the realistic part of sorcerers wasn’t verified, kids kept picturing and seeing shadows of sorcerers. How many times are u scared by shadows? Why do you tremble whenever you think of the uncertainties that your future holds?

That’s fear! Fear will make shadows seem real. It will drain you of the little courage you would use to prosper.

According to the web dictionary, to fear is being apprehensive about a probable or possible situation or event. Fear is a giant that will drag people down using what they dread most.

According to Thinking Big, a David J.Schwartz Novel, fear ruins all that a person is to leave a disillusioned hopeless being.

“Fear is real. Fear is success enemy number one. Fear stops people from capitalizing on opportunity; fear wears down physical vitality; fear actually makes people sick, causes organic difficulties, shortens life, fear closes your mouth when you want to speak,” quotes David J Schwartz in Thinking Big.

Though fear is that bad, humans will always harbour it. People fear what they can’t anything that is higher than them or what they don’t have control over. This explains why death is something the human race will never get used to.

Uncertainties also stir up untold fear; people always worry about what will befall them the next day. For instance many people are not scared of losing jobs, what scares them most is the uncertain life they will lead when they lose the jobs.

Whenever beautiful dreams are replaced with fear, the order of the day is being desperate and perhaps slow death. Fear has taken its toll on making people scared of fellow people!

Any person higher than them, they will get very afraid and consider them a life threat. This breeds envy and worse results at times.

Yes fear is real but we should not let it ruin our lives and dreams. To overcomers, there is always a way to confront fear. When David, a biblical figure had the Goliath threat before him, he acted with untold confidence which saw him through.

Goliath was this giant that had defeated the whole army of Israel; David was just a little boy.

But little as he was, he confronted Goliath confidently Much as this seems like just a sweet story to some, it should be a direct moral lesson to us. For every obstacle however big it is, confidence is the fast step towards winning.

“Confidence is looking smiling at a situation because there is tomorrow after it. People need to understand and accept that there is more to life than what they see infront of their face,” quotes AskVille an online Web.

And of course you can’t confront what you don’t know. First recognize your fears. If you get to know your fears, accept them and think out a positive approach to overcome them.

For instance you might want to start a business but you are scared of taking risks. This way, its best to look through the reasons why you can’t take risks and deal with it accordingly.

It’s also important to understand the root cause of your fears. May be it’s the bad tortured childhood history that ruined you of your confidence; it might be a bad relationship that made you scared of anyother trial.

Knowing the root cause will help you discover what went wrong in the past and better ways to make it right than sulking.

Since fear is the result of uncertainty about a situation, we need to figure out what to do when what we dread most happens.

“To get rid of the fear, simply figure out what you will do in each of the possible scenarios. For example, before asking someone out on a date, figure out what you would do if they rejected you or responded positively,” quotes AN INTJ in her online Publication, PUBLIC DEVELOPMENT.

For sure fear is part of nature; how we overcome it is what matters.