Rwanda trekking to the peak of development

Away the night comes dawn as mother Rwanda moves ahead. The rate at which Rwanda is growing is overwhelming, it being one of the fastest developing countries in the world.

Away the night comes dawn as mother Rwanda moves ahead. The rate at which Rwanda is growing is overwhelming, it being one of the fastest developing countries in the world.

An observation made, clearly shows how business booms with a relatively good number of commercial banks coming in to boost the Economic sector, among these we have regional and international banks and many other local banks - which is a good sign of progress.

It must have been a tremendous leap- looking back at the difficult times the country saw not long ago to come this rapid the standards of living are gradually changing as people work tirelessly to earn themselves  better living.

Communication means are about to be fully solved as the country implements the use of English as the language of instruction therefore issues concerned with language barrier will be no more in the near future, another distinction achieved

The consistence at which the country is moving is undoubtedly, a government’s effort to serve the citizens at its best and not based on selfish gains.

Learning from other countries’ mistakes, a critical analysis is always carried out to monitor and sweep out all corrupt officials since this has been a major reason for failure else where in the world.

A case in point, several classical courts are currently trying former government officials on corruption related charges. Some officials have been sentenced and are now doing time.

The Infrastructure sector is also one of the key areas that are currently booming in Rwanda; there is a visibly upcoming state-of-the-art real estates being constructed in all corners of the country.

Apparently, all roads are in good condition and those that are not are currently being planned for.

While we appreciate the tremendous achievements made by the government, we should not overlook the possible out comes of the combined efforts to hit the peak that might come along the way.

With the roads in their standard status, the government should be ready to fight the threatening traffic jams as people will, in the near future be in position to afford private vehicles, should we hope to have flyovers to curb the problem and avoid the mess it comes with.

The heath sector in the country has problems with people with traumatic damage due to the hard times it went through during the war but the government has put in place measures on how to cater for people in such conditions.

The government is also sensitizing the masses about ways of preventing the spread of AIDS and the control of malaria
Since 1995 the Rwandan economy has been the fastest growing in Africa and indeed the world. Real annual GDP averaged 7.7 from 1998to 2002.Much the economy is predominantly agricultural based but in the recent years with political stability it has posted an impressive 9.9 GDP.

The country will not entirely base on imported goods; that puts Rwanda in position to consider industrialism as the appropriate solution.

However this as well comes with associated problems of polluting the environment, increased carbon emission and other ecological damages.

With the determination at hand, Rwanda will have to devise to a fore armed means of fighting any mishaps that might come along with the developments.

In an effort to attain its merits at most the government of Rwanda has registered a lot of achievements even when there is a global financial crisis with problems of credit crunch.

Therefore we must admit and have all hopes raised; there is light at the end of the tunnel and this country will be the best place to stay comes ten more years.




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