THE TOUCH : Get the lovely look a hair extension provides

So you want to get Hair Extensions but you’ve heard the horror stories and you’re petrified that you’ll end up bald, ugly and a lot poorer when it’s all over?

So you want to get Hair Extensions but you’ve heard the horror stories and you’re petrified that you’ll end up bald, ugly and a lot poorer when it’s all over?

Gone are the days when hair extensions were rated that way. Because of their multipurpose duties and the splendor they add to people’s beauty, hair extensions have turned out the way to go for all ladies who adore beauty.

Hair Extensions are the ideal way against damaging r one’s hair, and in fact allowing your natural hair to grow longer and healthier in the process. While giving one the best look at the same time.

If we are to speak about the advantages of hair extensions, the list is endless. Especially during this cold season, a hair extension is one hairstyle a girl will wear on a sure deal that they will get warm all along.

Back in the days, hair extensions were a taboo to some but today with all the new types on market, hair extensions seem to rock. A hair extension is simply an artificial hair piece added to one’s hair.

Hair extensions come in all colours and sizes which makes it better for everyone to have a suiting hair extension depending o their size and complexion.

With the right extension, you can get that angel look; on the contrally, the wrong hair extension will ruin it all. Much as people go for hair extensions with different purposes other than looking gorgeous, what the extension adds to your looks should be the central reason for purchasing one.

“Look out for a hair extension that will bring home your natural beauty and at the same time protect your hair from breaking,” warns Beatrice Akariza,a hair extension seller.

Hair extensions say more about women than they can ever imagine. Here are some tips on which kind of hair extension a trendy lady should opt for.

Human Hair extensions. For ladies who appreciate natural beauty, Human Hair extensions are the way to go. They are adorable for their natural shinny look.

While going for a human hair extension, mind your complexion. People with lighter complexions look good with black extensions while lighter colours brighten up dark people.

Bob Hair pieces are also stand out. They are always short and well shaped. Short and full bodied ladies should always opt for these. They give a younger look and make some one look taller and more elegant.

Also a shoulder length hair extension is ideal for taller people. It provides styling options. You can tie it into a pony tail or let it free. A Shoulder length hair piece is also multipurpose for all functions. Be it a wedding, a cocktail or a funeral, you’ll not fail to style it.

Want the hot look, with a celebrity hair extension you will get it all. There are many celebrity hair extensions on market, short and long.

With these you can get a celebrity look. You can look like Rihanna or Victoria Beckham. It all depends on which one you chose and how it matches your complexion.

Lefty Hair extensions are also ideal especially to people who want to look exotic. You know what I mean, get that movie star look. You can tie a head ban and let the rest of the hair hang.

With this, just go get yourself a hair extension. It will save you the time you spend on combing and you will look splendid at the same time.