REFLECTIONS : Our hated génocidaires, the noose is tightening!

Unearthing one genocide fugitive holed up in any of their many French hideouts is not much to celebrate about but, nonetheless, it should give a little cheer to genocide survivors. And to us all Rwandans who witnessed the despicable horror and lived to tell.  

Unearthing one genocide fugitive holed up in any of their many French hideouts is not much to celebrate about but, nonetheless, it should give a little cheer to genocide survivors.

And to us all Rwandans who witnessed the despicable horror and lived to tell. The welcome twist to the firing from work of Eugène Rwamucyo (spit! The mere mention of the name soils my tongue) is that it was initiated by an ordinary citizen.

It is significant because it shows that people the world over, are appreciating the magnitude of the shame that was the genocide against Batutsi, even if it occurred thousands of kilometres from their territory.

In the case of Rwamab—(no ‘mucyo’ in him!), we may also have his dirty tongue to thank! I am told that his nurse patient was incensed by the uncomplimentary remark that he made on her ample size and decided to check him out.

Thankfully, then, it would seem their primitive ways are following our génocidaires, to for-ever haunt them!

All citizens of the world should similarly take up the gauntlet and check out any shady Rwandan that they may suspect.

The regrettable thing, of course, is that the fifteen genocide fugitives with the Interpol Red Notice hanging on their heads are a minor drop in the vast ocean of thousands and thousands of ex-FAR/Interahamwe walking the free world.

Consider, also, that those ‘Red Notices’ are not international arrest warrants and so, even after being smoked out of their hiding, these scavengers may continue to enjoy the rights that we humans enjoy.

Rwamab—, the Rwandan génocidaire who was discovered by the French woman, was a practicing doctor in Sombre-Avesnois Hospital in Maubeuge, France. That means he has resident and work permits.

Yet, this is the same man who orchestrated, and took part in, the mass slaughter of Batutsi patients in Butare in the university hospital, lecturers and students in the university, as well as residents of the surrounding areas.

Alain Gauthier, chairman of ‘Le Collectif des Parties Civiles pour le Rwanda’, sums up the killer’s role: “He was an ideologue; to us he is one of the planners of the Genocide against Tutsis. Those witness accounts were given by people who were with him.”

The French government has had this information since 2007, when Alain Gauthier lodged his plaint against Rwama— and 15 others. Gauthier and wife Dafroza, who lost her entire family to the génocidaires, have done their thorough investigations and have all the evidence.

Citizens of the world are fed up, and their voices must be heard. All genocide fugitives must be plucked out of the midst of unadulterated citizenries and be carted out to the courts of the country they abused, Rwanda, failing which, to ICTR in Arusha.

ICTR, slow as it is, is hungrily waiting for this vermin of humanity, the génocidaires, and all countries harbouring them should stop doing a disservice to their people by refusing to let go of them.

Granted, France may seem to raise the tempo of denying breathing space to these pests. Considering the high number it is sheltering and its own role in the Genocide, however, it is incumbent upon that country to come totally clean.

France should not only empty her territory of Genocidal monsters like Agatha Habyarimana (spit!) but also help to sanitise the territory of D.R. Congo on which it empted its murderous cargo of génocidaires in 1994.

Rwandans saw that France had a chance of exorcising itself of the demons of Genocide by herding its sheltered génocidaires to Rwanda, but failed to seize the chance.

It is known that France had a hand in the nabbing of Ildephonse Nizeyimana in Kampala, Uganda, two weeks ago.

Before that, in April 2008, it was Marcel Bivugabagabo, and then Dominique Ntawukuriryayo and Isaac Kamali (spit, spit, spit, spit!)

All very good, but we are still waiting for France to assist Interpol get the prize catch, which would be the whole load of ex-FAR/Interahamwe on its ‘Red Notice’, then all other countries will follow suit.

There is welcome news, for instance, that only this last Tuesday 20th October 2009 another genocide fugitive was arrested in Toscan, Italy. He is Emmanuel Uwayezu (spit!), until then a practicing Catholic priest in that city.

Emmanuel Uwa-shitani (again, no ‘Yezu’ in him!) is responsible for the slaughter of eighty children, aged between 12 and 20 years. They were all Batutsi students of Group Scolaire Marie Merci, in the infamous Kibeho prefecture.

To the horror of everyone, however, Belgium has just embraced Eugene Rwama— by granting him a five-year resident permit even if he is still a candidate of investigations in France!

That surely beats the most rudimentary of logics, but these governments work in mysterious ways.

Whatever their effort, however, I see the people of these countries triumphing in the end.

Mujya he, génocidaires on the globe, the noose around your necks is a-tightening!