WOMAN 2 WOMAN : How to feel like a beautiful woman

Being beautiful is something every woman wants to be. Being someone who prefers natural and inner beauty, I can not give any makeup, or hair advice, or recommend beauty products.


Being beautiful is something every woman wants to be. Being someone who prefers natural and inner beauty, I can not give any makeup, or hair advice, or recommend beauty products.

Besides, I am no beauty expert when it comes to fashion. I can give a few tips physically though, but I want to help with the mental process of those who feel insecure about their looks. I think mostly women feel that way, and probably some men.

Most guys do not have to worry too much about their look, since women tend to be much more open minded than guys. The other day one of my friends was telling me how some guys call her ugly and fat.

It made me realize how cruel, mean, and wrong they were. Everyone has a different look and we all have different tastes. For instance there are men who never considered models beautiful.

Beauty is a matter of opinion from one perspective, just remember that. The first three steps will be how to improve your beautiful look, and then the next ones will be how to do so mentally.

You can only change so much, you are who you are. There are ways to go about feeling beautiful and even getting others to think that way as well.

Bring out your personality.

There are ways to look and feel beautiful as a person. I have discovered that when a person brings out great qualities in their personality, it actually makes them much more pleasing to the eye physically.

“Girls, who I get attracted to instantly, are usually the ones that make the least bit of an impression on me. Not just mentally too, physically as well.

When I have been able to get so caught up in female’s personality, their physical looks just magnify completely. No matter how attractive looking they were before hand,” My friend Tom told me.

Be a more confident person. Confidence is what breeds attraction because nobody wants to be with somebody who is not sure of themselves.

I have seen this with personal experience. When you act and are content in who you are, it brings out positive energy in other people. You can not fake confidence and expect others to buy into it. You have to develop confidence in yourself.

You start doing this by accepting who you are, and focus on the things that are good about yourself. Physically, along with mentally and work to show those parts of you off. Not everyone will accept you no matter who you are.

Not everyone will reject you too. I do not care who you are, both applies to everyone. So know that you are not less important than anyone else.

Take the challenge of improving your mental outlook. This goes with those who are always dwelling on everything that you or even others find wrong with your appearance.

You should know that not everyone is flawless looking. You ca not sit there and dwell over certain physical attributes you have, or do not have. Forget the men who do not see you the way you want.

Most of them are just creeps anyways. Consider this as a good thing, for when the right one comes by and sees you for how you really are. Something that is unique and special. Sometimes what you may see as a flaw, another person might see it as a beautiful trait.

I will give you an example, while some people find “fat or big” legs attractive others find them as a complete turn off.

Write down a list of your good features. 
This may sound childish but desperate times call for desperate measures!

If you really want to convince yourself of whom you are, read this list every day, until you start believing you are pretty.

Make the list of what you do like about yourself, and instead of focusing on what you do not like. Start showing these features off. 

There is always something you have, that other women wish they had. You can buy all the beauty products that you want, but it starts having the right attitude. It is not about just looking beautiful, you need to learn to accept that you are.

But the bottom-line is – Beauty is not only relative, beauty lies in the hands of the beholder !