Seek professional advice to save time and money

You have probably been in a situation where your spouse insisted that he or she could handle a certain task just as well as the expert could, only to make a big mess of it.

You have probably been in a situation where your spouse insisted that he or she could handle a certain task just as well as the expert could, only to make a big mess of it.

It probably cost more to repair the damage than it would have to pay the expert to fix the initial problem.

From men assuming they can fix the drainage or the car when it breaks down, to women trying to imitate gourmet cooking, it is amazing how people take experts for granted.

But whereas you can tinker with the car’s engine or the drainage until you get it right, when it comes to matters of the family’s wellbeing, you are best advised to seek the help of professionals.

Many people have become Do-It-Yourself enthusiasts in almost every field, ostensibly to save money.

But the sad truth, as most of these people discover sooner or later, is that no amount of research and planning can take place of professional advice. You fail to consult an expert at your own peril.

Just the same way you are good at what you do, and keep on getting better, so do experts.

They are able to approach an issue multi-dimensionally, they understand the intricacies of the trade, what to do and what to avoid and how to achieve the desired results efficiently and effectively. You pay a small price for their experience, avoidance of mistakes and most importantly assurance.

For example, typhoid, malaria and pneumonia have similar major symptoms like fever, painful joints and headaches. People diagnose themselves wrongly all the time, often with disastrous results.

They take different medicines without getting better. A doctor would certainly be able to differentiate between the symptoms by asking specific questions that relate to a particular disease because he or she has mastered this through study and experience. 

As a family, outline the services for which you will certainly enlist the help of an expert. Do not gamble with the family’s health, get yourself a family doctor.

When it comes to insurance, you may not be very adept at understanding all the features of the various policies on offer.

Therefore, seek the advice of an insurance broker. Legal matters, taxes, accounting, business development, saving options, IT, car and electronics repair, electrical wiring, fixtures and acquisition or disposal of some key assets are areas that experts come in handy.

Investment decisions are crucial for any family’s progress. No matter how well informed you think you are chances are that a professional investment advisor, banker or personal finance expert will open your eyes to a new dimension that you were oblivious to.

Chances of you beating a stockbroker or fund manager in stock picking are relatively low, unless you are in a related line of business.

This is because they spend their waking days finding ways to maximise shareholder value and investor’s profitability.

They are forever devising ways of getting maximum returns with the least risk exposure.

It is a common thing to see investors incurring a loss in their transactions in the stock exchange especially in the stock exchanges in the region because of being over confident of them selves. 

So if you want to set aside some money for your children’s college, ask an investment banker where you can get the best growth.

An example is Bank of Kigali which offers these services. If you are constructing a house, let the professionals handle the crucial aspects. You do not want your house crumbling, cracking or settling two years after building.

Neither do you want its drainage or wiring causing problems later. 

Seek professional advice on matters out of your expertise instead of groping in the dark. You will save time and money.