RELATIONSHIPS:Transparency in a relationship is necessary but a challenge

As partners institute a relationship, developing it will be determined by their efforts to make it a success that will last a life time.

As partners institute a relationship, developing it will be determined by their efforts to make it a success that will last a life time.

But like any other project, challenges come along the way. These may change the focus of the relationship. It’s therefore important to always find a way of overcoming these challenges.
When challenges do arise, both parties should aim at serving the interest of another.

Unfortunately many times some couples fail making it to the top of the relationship in many ways. Although there are many factors that can lead to failure in a relationship, most of these factors come along when partners fail to be transparent with one another.

Being perfectly open to each other in a relationship is important but perceived differently based on one’s interest or choice.

However, given the outlook and aim of relationships, despite mixed feelings, being transparent in a relationship is very important.

Although it may seem prudent to keep some secrets in relationships depending on one’s reasons, it’s important to be careful on issues of concern that may cause suspicion and loss of trust amongst partners.

It’s indeed hurting for a partner to discover issues of concern about his or her partner from an outside source. This creates a sort of mistrust and suspicion that may distort the meaning of the relationship.  

John says that though it may cause mistrust among partners, there are some issues that are better kept from a partner.

He argues that as a man, there are certain things which can not be shared with a woman as a way of safeguarding the relationship.

“Some ladies are not reliable enough to keep secrets, yet sometimes homes or people have secrets which are only meant to be shared amongst family members,” he said.

He further explained that based on weaknesses that people have, as soon as one gets some information, next day such information is leaked and shared amongst those the partner believes are friends.

“Apart from a few, women or ladies are good at making and easily trusting friends with any sort of information, therefore some information should not be given out to them ” he stressed.

However, Justine, 30, said that when a partner hides information from her, it means there is no trust at all.

“This means that the partner has another person he trusts other than me.”

Justine admitted that although they (ladies) make friends, they are wise enough to understand the kind of information to be shared and what is meant to be preserved.

Although both John and Justine defend their interests, Justine looks more at building the relationship, unlike John whose concerns concentrate more on family affairs.

Transparency in a relationship is therefore necessary but a challenge nonetheless.