THE HATER:I hate people who…

…load their office computers with lots of music and video files. I am not talking about music producers or people in the movie industry.

…load their office computers with lots of music and video files. I am not talking about music producers or people in the movie industry.

I am simply tired of all those who simply pack their computer hard drives with music and videos until the poor machine can’t breathe.

These fools then complain that their desktops are slow and need to be replaced. Such people need to surrender their jobs to more hardworking Rwandans.

They waste a lot of time watching movies and listening to music instead of working. Please do not bother the IT guys again. Just delete the lousy movies and go to a cinema.

…do not manage time and end up telling cheap lies. Time is money, so they say. And that is why I hate all those who joke with this money by failing to keep time.

I know you have met one such fool lately. After realising that he is late for an appointment, he starts telling you on phone that he is on his way yet he is still miles away.

If you are in Remera, the fool may call and say, “I have reached Kacyiru…” yet they are still in Nyabugogo Taxi Park.

Such people are never ashamed to keep you waiting for hours on the basis of cheap lies.

Interestingly some of them say these silly lies while in public commuter taxis for everyone to hear. I just pray they miss out on heaven as well.  

…insist on forcing their way into already closed premises. I really wonder what some people smoke these days because crazy acts are becoming more and more common.

If a bank for instance has closed, there is no sense in trying to force your way inside.

If you had really wanted to enter and bank or withdraw some cash then you could have come in time.

Do you think the bank will be waiting for your lazy self to get there before they close?

I recently heard one such fellow angrily asking the guard at Access Bank, “How do you expect me to keep this money throughout the night?”

Hey dude, that guard is not employed to take questions from you. Just go home and put your little money under the pillow. And keep your eyes open.  

…eat food while travelling in public commuter taxis. This habit is really disgusting and those who do it should stop before I go on a hunger strike.

I recently sat in a taxi and as soon as it had started moving, this dude next to me opened his bag and removed boiled maize! He started munching away like it was Christmas.

The fact that taxis seat four passengers on each seat meant that I was so close to his jaws as they crushed the maize into pulp.

I thought about how unfortunate he was to have simply grown up without actually being brought up with decent public manners.     

…do certain things without thinking at all. Sometimes I see things that make me laugh then immediately hate the person doing them.

I saw this guy last Friday in the discotheque shouting endlessly into his cheap phone. For heaven’s sake, you came to the club to dance and not to answer your phone.

And if you really have to do so, why don’t you consider stepping outside instead of making a fool of yourself?

The music in a disco is played at maximum volume and so this is no place for you to be answering a phone call.

I just hope that next time a smart thief snatches your phone in the process.               

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