You could join the super couples

A big percentage of people in this generation think that enjoyment of life stops the day one joins the marriage institution.

A big percentage of people in this generation think that enjoyment of life stops the day one joins the marriage institution.

Could you be harbouring the same thought? Or you are waiting for the truth? It’s not so easy to tell what the reality is unless you try it yourself then will you be in a better position to tell.

Many people seek counsellors for tips and advice on how to stay happy and enjoy marriage. A good marriage is a bit like a rose flower either you feed it every day or it wilts.

“If you’re really interested in making your relationship work, little rituals are a great way to do it,” Anne Tuyishimire, married for the past 17 years, says.

Tuyishimire  says that one of these rituals includes saying stuff like ‘Hi Honey’ or every morning wishing your love a great day. 
“This is something small but it has a lot of returns.”
Joy Kabatesi, a 55 year old lady who got married at an early age thought that her life would be a disaster.

She instead enjoyed marriage with her lovely husband Toyota.
“My husband and I started dating in his late 20s and I was 18years old,” she says.

“We got married when I turned 21. We told ourselves early in our marriage that we would be honest with each other and would fight fair and try not to say ugly words to each other, because we both knew from our own experiences that words do hurt, and that words are hard to take back.”

Kabatesi and her husband have their little rituals.
“I still write to him love notes and he still compliments me and still makes me feel special.

It’s not a day that goes by that we don’t say we love one another, and mean it. We support each other in all we do, no matter how small.”

Kabatesi says that what has worked for her marriage is the ability for the two to realize that they are both individuals with different needs.

“We nurture those needs, be kind to one another, not critical. Boost each other up daily; it doesn’t take a lot of work. They are just words, but they mean a lot to our staying together in marriage.”

She says that they are both honest about how they feel; their joys and their pains and that they work on the small stuff, “because if you don’t it only gets bigger. Love is a wonderful thing.”

Treat your partner in a way that you feel you would want to be treated and always have respect for one another. Do not prove to be serious all the time, reserve time for interesting conversations which can make your partner happy. Above all let your partner be your best friend ever.

A number of couples have stayed together in a happy marriage not because they are perfect in all they do but simply because of their commitment.

They enjoy being with each other and they think the key factor for their happiness is communication, love, good sex, and understanding.

They are opposites in a lot of ways but everything goes on well after considering the relevance of listening and expressing themselves to each other. Enjoy your marriage and be among the super couples.