FASHION/STYLE:Hair plaiting, trendy for this season

Any woman or young lady who treasures her looks will agree with me that sometimes you have to invest in them.
L-R:Micro-braids,Twist braids
L-R:Micro-braids,Twist braids

Any woman or young lady who treasures her looks will agree with me that sometimes you have to invest in them.

The latest hairstyle for this season is hair plaiting or braiding, and the key word is brave and bold. So, whether its ambitious plaiting, it’s all about focusing on a style that works best for you.

Like elsewhere, in Kigali, different hair braids are all over the place. You will see women using different materials to liven up their looks.

While we are all interested in the latest hair trend, the biggest challenge is how to style it well.
Hairdo expert, Jacqueline Umutoni says that it’s important to think about your skin tone, colour and shape of the face, in order to determine the type of braids and style to apply.

“It’s also important to know how to style your braids because in most cases if braids are done poorly, they’ll spoil the intended look,” Umutoni advises.

In the past, men used to harass and accuse women of spending lots of money on their looks, instead of saving it for productive purposes. But, today things have changed as men tend to visit saloons as regularly as women.    

So, as mothers and daughters flock saloons for the newest hairstyle, men, too, follow suit because they have now learnt

about the magic of saloons.

Some people do not realise this, but investing in your hair is just as important as investing in your skin and physique.

Take a look at yourself in a mirror and examine the condition of your hair. Is it messed-up and breaking? This is because you have not been giving it enough treatment as you are supposed to.

Just like your face or nails, your hair too, deserves special treatment. They say the first impression is on the head. If your hair is messy, you are likely to be described as a careless person. One can easily read your mood by simply judging from the condition of your hair.

When people want the best results, they tend to hire professionals. You may want to keep that in mind. So, don’t go to the office or function with that scruffy hair. Rush to a hair saloon for that professional touch.

Hair plaiting and nice style can make all the difference. There are plenty of hairstyles to choose from. These include pencil, dreads, Senegalese, micro-braids, Swazi, and many others. Think about any

style that will add a compliment to your looks.

It’s all about being conscious about your looks. Knowing the latest hairstyles and achieving it, isn’t so hard anyway. Add extra efforts into your looks, trust us, you will blame yourself for having cheated yourself all along.

Jane Umugwaneza says fairly long braids commonly referred to as dreads is great and makes the person look prettier and girlish.

“I love this particular type of braids because they make me look young and stylish.”

Although this type of hairstyle may seem costly because one has to sit down the whole day, or half a day, it’s worth it.  This is because it helps your hair to grow, and you can maintain it for at least a long period of time without visiting the saloon every weekend.

The combination of the pretty hairstyle and formal attire works on many levels be it attending a wedding, cocktail, or the office!