THE HATER:I hate people who…

…tend to group all brands into one. Oh, no need to scratch your head hard.

…tend to group all brands into one. Oh, no need to scratch your head hard.

You certainly know these people. The ones who think that every soft drink in a bottle is a Fanta! You often hear them saying, “I want a Fanta…Coca!” Crazy as they may be, they are very many around here including you who is reading this.

Yes, my hatred has started with you. Others think all buses belong to Jaguar executive coaches, every pen is a Bic, all chewing gum is orbit, and all toothpaste is Colgate while all detergents are Omo. And by the way not all Ugandans are Baganda. Take time to find out the differences of these things instead of exposing your ignorance.

…use the wrong equipment for the right job.

My intention is not to confuse you here but I must admit I was quite confused and later angry when I saw a middle-aged man in a restaurant recently.

This gentleman was in the middle of a mission to finish the food on his plate as fast as possible. Then he noticed that his efforts had combined with the hot weather to make him sweat all over the face.

His solution was to call the waiter, ask for a serviette and use it to wipe his face! I was so disgusted that I left the restaurant soon after to come and write this down. On my way out I saw another fellow using a toothpick to clean his ears! God bless these brainless fellows.           

…love to complain just for the sake of having something to say.

The increase in fuel prices plus the effects of the global financial crisis have forced me to park my car and return to using public means until things improve.

While using public transport I have discovered that our country is still full of part time thinkers always trying to announce their presence. These characters love to feign ignorance when reminded that transport fares were increased recently.

The presence of a piece of paper in the taxi with the new tariffs does not seem to help matters. Interestingly these are people who don’t own a car like me so they use these taxis everyday but pretend not to know the new tariffs each time they get into one.     

…refuse to offer information that is for public consumption.

Without mincing words, this is for all those policy makers, ministers, SGs, and the rest who feel so important while at work that they forget who they serve.

They have a weird habit of not responding to queries for information from journalists and other citizens of this country. One such fellow is now out of office and now more important people are seeking information from him.

These people need to remember two things. One is that the information they have is not classified but for public consumption. Secondly, they should know that soon or later they will be out of these offices.  

…have a habit of eating while in office.

Some people are using hunger as an excuse to annoy The Hater. I am talking of those people who eat at their desks in office. They are the same ones who spill drinks onto the computer keyboard and call the IT guy to fix their mess.

If you think this is ok then I pray that one day as a doctor is operating on you, he eats some bananas and drops the peels in your body as you wait on the operating table.

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The Hater