FOCUS:Consider safety fisrt when learning how to drive a car

Take a close look at the roads of Kigali town and you will realize that there is something different about them that was absent in the past.

Take a close look at the roads of Kigali town and you will realize that there is something different about them that was absent in the past.

The traffic is heavy and there are many cars on the roads which was unfamiliar to Rwandans before. This has led the Rwanda traffic police to tighten its grip on the traffic law offenders so as to minimize the rate of deaths resulting from road accidents.

Some of us have the means but not the skills to drive a car on the roads of Kigali which has become more and more dangerous with the increase of traffic over the years.      

Learning to drive a car is a craze and also a necessity in today’s busy life. People want to learn how to drive a car as soon as possible and they have multiple reasons for doing so.

It may be a case of a medical emergency wherein a person needs to be driven to the hospital as soon as possible, or of taking one’s family on a long drive for fun. With people’s standard of living improving day by day, many are opting for cars.

There are some instructions that need to be followed carefully, when it comes to learning how to drive a car. Rwanda Traffic rules and ordinances are clear and this can be learnt from the various driving schools found in the country which also teach someone the skills of driving cars, buses, Lorries, and even trucks.

In the olden days, learning how to drive a car was difficult as cars in those days did not have advanced safety features and convenient facilities. Nowadays, it’s very easy to learn how to drive, as there are many options available to help you in learning.

Automatic gear change, no clutch, driving assist, etc. are some of the features. With so much help, you can easily concentrate on driving the car.

If you have some trouble learning how to drive a car, the following are some basic rules and regulations that you can follow after registering yourself at a recognized and professional driving school.

Prepare your mind for the driving experience. When in the learning stage, there can be thrill, enjoyment, fear, and unfortunately, also some bad experiences. Too much excitement during the practice sessions can be harmful for the learner and can lead to unwanted situations.

Before the drive, the instructor should ensure that the car is in a proper working condition. Make sure the brakes are working fine, there is no leak in the gas tank, and there are no possible problems that may put you into trouble later.

If you are learning to drive in your own car, make sure it’s insured. You should keep all the necessary documents at hand. 

Know all the traffic signs and symbols before you take the car on the road, as they are very essential. Follow all traffic signals and keep a lookout for the one-way, parking, and lane signs.

Practice leads to perfection. This statement can be used in learning to drive a car. The process is slow and gradual, and can’t be achieved in a day or two. You will be confident after you practice for some time. Many are impatient, and expect to be able to drive as soon as they sit in the car.

You need to be very alert when you are learning to drive, especially in busy, commercial areas. Use the side and rear view mirrors to watch out for the traffic and pedestrians. Ensure that your view of the surroundings is clear enough to take the necessary step if you run into trouble.

Before sitting in the car, know all its technicalities thoroughly, such as the brake system; whether it’s a drum or a disc brake, anti-lock braking system (ABS), the number of gears and their positions, ground clearance, etc. Pay attention to all the tips and the basic information that your professional instructor provides you with.

Rwandan law states that a driver irrespective of his position as a professional or a learner should put on the seat belt when driving therefore avoid getting into trouble with the boys in blue and also the seat belt can protect you from severe injuries in case of an accident.

Wherever one is learning to drive a car, he should always keep the above tips in mind.

However, with daily practice, driving becomes an easy task, and within two or three weeks you will be able to obtain your legal and hard earned driving license which is nowadays electronic.



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