I hate people who…

THE HATER:…cheat others by selling items in instalments. I am really so mad at people who are in the habit of selling items in bits.


…cheat others by selling items in instalments. I am really so mad at people who are in the habit of selling items in bits.

They can for instance sell you a music system or TV set minus its remote control! When you ask them about it they will simply tell you how they can get it for you (at a cost).

They therefore end up charging you for things they never bought in the first place. How about those who sell you a phone without a charger?

It must also be said that whoever buys from such unserious characters is also in need of a good beating.

You should always ask for everything before you pay otherwise you end up paying more than what you are meant to pay. Or could these items be stolen? Let’s just say, I hate these guys!

…wear ill-fitting clothes to show off their muscles. This particular hate piece is for all those men who, after a few visits to the gym, think it is cool to move around exposing their new found bodies.

It is common to find a fully grown adult wearing a very tight shirt so as to show us that he has some muscles. The Hater suspects these people are simply broke and cannot afford buying fitting clothes so they go in for children’s wear.

Hey, get a life and buy a fitting shirt; no one is interested in your ‘cassava hardened’ body. At least spare the clothes the embarrassment.  

…force accents to appear exotic. Rwanda decided to settle for English instead of French and it is really good to see that more and more people are trying to master the Queen’s language as it is often referred to in the Commonwealth countries.

It is however annoying to find people who are still in the process of learning the language painfully forcing an American accent.

These people ought to know that grammar is much more important than accent. And this not being a mother tongue, it is okay to speak it with an African or Rwandan accent.   

…expect their children to be just like them. I think you have now realised that this column spares no one when it comes to hating.

Today I have remembered to hate all those parents who think that their children must follow in their footsteps. Although we are created in God’s image, we are all blessed with different qualities and therefore a parent who thinks that children have to be just like their parents is simply an ageing fool.

So what if you are a doctor. Does this mean that your five children must all be doctors? Does it ever occur to you that some may instead become traditional witch doctors? Well, then you ought to let them discover and pursue their own goals and not just your desires.  

…think they should do certain things only to please others. Last Sunday I was in a taxi and there was a consistently silly man who was occupying the prized front seat.

Instead of wearing his seat belt, the fool was busy speaking broken English loudly into his phone. When he saw a traffic officer, he quickly wore the belt.

The officer stopped the car and reminded him that the belt actually was meant for the passenger and not the traffic officer.

If we had traded places with the good officer, I would not have said a single word to this part time thinker.

I would have simply knocked out his teeth with a heavy blow. You know the Hater has no mercy for such people.

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