Your Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni:

Throughout your life, you have pursued with determination a better life for the people of your country, our region and our continent.
President Pau. Kagame
President Pau. Kagame

Throughout your life, you have pursued with determination a better life for the people of your country, our region and our continent.

Born about the year 1944 in Rwampara County, South Western Uganda, you grew up to face tyranny as a young man, and quickly recognized that unless citizens were mobilized to resist bad politics, entire nations would be destroyed.

In the camps of the Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO) movement, you trained and studied the teachings of great Pan-Africanists, thinkers and exemplary leaders.

With these teachings and renewed conviction, you enriched and matured your own ideas, and opened a way for others who had similar vision to join you in the Front for National Salvation (FRONASA), in order to develop a capable, astute military and political corps.

You did not hesitate to confront the notorious leaders that sought self enrichment over service to the country, and you bravely started off by leading 27 armed fighters in a protracted people’s struggle that would eventually transform Uganda into a prosperous self-sustaining nation.

This struggle did not discriminate against Rwandans, who as fellow victims of wide spread persecution, committed to fight alongside their Ugandan brothers and sisters.

It is through this participation that some gained the experience that later enabled us to successfully wage our own liberation struggle.

The National Resistance Army that you led to victory made history, when, as a guerrilla force, it overthrew a standing post-colonial African government.

For over three decades, Rwandans were in exile in Uganda and other parts of our region; they received great hospitality and benefited from existing opportunities alongside their Ugandan kith and kin.

When Rwandans decided to wage a struggle to liberate our country originating from Uganda, despite all the problems it caused you and your country, you still relentlessly supported our endeavour to its conclusion.

You mobilized Ugandans and the international community to understand and support the cause for the liberation of our motherland.

When genocide began in Rwanda, you were among the first to condemn it. You have persistently fought genocide and its ideology in the region.

It is this steadfast commitment that endears you to the people of Rwanda, who acknowledge your foresight and appreciate the immeasurable support you and the people of Uganda have rendered our country.

And so today, for the voice you raised on Rwanda’s behalf in its hour of need, and for Uganda’s generosity toward our people, the President of the Republic of Rwanda, awards Your Excellency, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, “URUTI”, Rwanda’s National Liberation Medal; and “UMURINZI”, Rwanda’s Campaign Against Genocide Medal.