Social life changes with time developments

Life is passed on as a trend from one generation to another. As the trend makes its own way, people adopt changes brought by many different factors in life either through development attained or demands that call for appropriate changes.

Life is passed on as a trend from one generation to another. As the trend makes its own way, people adopt changes brought by many different factors in life either through development attained or demands that call for appropriate changes.

Many changes will take place, irrespective of the hard time it faces. Changes can either be for the good or worst depending on its impact to people`s lives. Such an angle calls for intellectuals or making decisions with much care.

This is help in avoiding negatives effects that can out-compete the positives one hence becoming change for the worst.

Although its hard to determine which change will be good or bad, some people’s opinion have a message to convey to others. This will create a mentality amongst many to either part with others peoples opinion negatively or positive.  

Apart from societies in which member’s preliminary perceived the word “condom”, it was not easily perceived in certain societies. For a person to mention the word, people could think about many things which must have been right or wrong.

Gone are such days when members of the society looked at a prevention measure against an epidemic as an evil to society.

The measure is now being advocated for as one best compared to other prevention measure and a clear route to check on population growth in the country.

Last week the speaker of parliament Dr Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo advocated condom use over abstinence.

He therefore called upon the public to get access to condoms as the best family planning strategy emphasizing that abstinence is not practical.

“Condoms are used for family planning. They therefore help those who use them to avoid unwanted pregnancies and prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Unfortunately most people think that they are manufactured for sex workers,” Ntawukuriryayo said during the award giving ceremony held to honour journalists for creating awareness to the public about the use of family planning methods.

Ntawukuriryayo who is a former health minister in his capacity advocated for the condom use urging that it is a practical measure that can help the youth to avoid and prevent contaminations of sexually transmitted diseases.

However, the doctor said that however does not feel comfortable with the measure is as well free to use some other modern family planning measures available.

Measures to prevent either unwanted pregnancies or infections have to be decided by the user, but the effectiveness and individual characters to effect or apply it whenever need be is important to consider.

Some times people make choice about the measure and finally fail to apply it, it may either be that they made wrong choice they choose for themselves or individual weaknesses in controlling humanity.

Alice Mbabazi a youth in her early 30s said that abstaining is perfect in avoiding sexually transmitted diseases, but the problem is people do not stand by what they say.

“It is easy for a person to abstain by mare say but practically abstaining is not for all. How can a married person abstain as a measure of to prevent unwanted pregnancies or family planning? It’s not possible given the reasons of a peaceful marriage,” she noted.

Mbabazi explained that abstaining is perfect up to a certain stage but can not work for grown-up people

“I agree that abstaining is a good measure against unwanted pregnancy as well as prevention against some epidemic diseases. But until when will a person abstain?

Some one can not abstain yet he or she is supposed to get married or when in marriage. No, it`s not applicable unless one is to become a nun or monk,” she said.

Like the Speaker, Mbabazi too commended condom use as a measure which can as well be applied by married couples saying it is all about making a decision.

 “Although not all couples may agree on using condoms as preventives measures in marriage, if both parties agree about it, considering the benefits and future out come of their efforts to implement the measure, it has no effect at all,” she noted.

She however said that most people do not give birth to many children as a result of ignorance of preventive measures neither are they un able to apply the measures but standing strong to maintaining the measure is a challenge amongst challenges.

“Some people are not consistent in keeping their measures as required. They only do it for a period and give up with time,”

Adding that it should be a responsibility for both parties to encourage each other to keep it a point in maintaining the set rules and regulation as that will help unlike when a partner utilizes another partner’s weakness in addressing the issue.