Children rights should be protected against divorce

Never have partners wished to divorce or separate mostly when the marriage has a backing of a knot. Although some marriages end-up in that direction, such a decision has effects to both sides and children’s rights get violated.

Never have partners wished to divorce or separate mostly when the marriage has a backing of a knot. Although some marriages end-up in that direction, such a decision has effects to both sides and children’s rights get violated.

Innocent as they are, children need protection against effects which could hinder their up-bringing and failure to peruse their education.

Causes of divorce differ from person to person, in that what others fail to handle may be easily absorbed by others.

Although some times it may have some element of a family trend, others are personal mentality and nature.

The failure to endure each others tendencies or acting against the terms of the relationship among others creates an enabling climate for to divorce. 

 In such ways, children have no involvement in the causes of their parents divorce, but take part in the effects.

Among other reasons, parents abandon their children with a mentality of passing burden to their divorced partners, in terms of taking care and providing basic needs.

 The final rest of the burden is the children. They suffer as some can not continue with education; have no proper care which includes health. 

 This is one way of violating children’s rights, since it’s their right to have education, health care among others. 

  It was reported in The New Times last week that Claudine is now suffering to sustain her three children whose father Edward Rubarika, result of separation.

 Claudine says the husband failed to stand by the principles of monogamy. This resulted into a separation which may turn into divorce. This was all result of mistrust between the two partners.

As if polygamous families do not exist anywhere, the husband also failed to observe monogamous family principles.
The fact that polygamous families exist, proves that causes of divorce range from person to person. This is so because women have in many cases coped with polygamous marriages. 

 It is also a challenge for some men as they can not keep some principles when they get married. Depending on factors that force men to take on second wives, culture and religion are two of the important reasons as to why some men take that path.

As a result of Claudine and the husband failing to settle their differences, the children’s rights have ended up being violated.

 This in most cases is a result of failure by the couple to predict the likely outcomes of separation on their children. 

Children in this case suffer because of their parents’ failure to acknowledge and settle issues amicably.
 Sometimes people consider only the financial side of suffering as the father stops providing for his own children, ignoring the love and care children are meant to have.
 Although it’s important to look at the economics of providing for children as the key, proper up-bring of children in a family is a duty for both parents.
 Thus the resultant single parent reality of separation, bring about a lot of problems in raising the kids. Raising children as a single parent is no mean feat.
 Parental care is very important for children, as they grow up in an environment where they are catered for. Children will be able to learn directly from their parents things that are not possible in case of separation.
 That Claudine is engaged in doing something in the fight to provide for the family, says a lot about the greatness of God.

If such a life experience happens to another mother who has not been engaged in any income generating activity, life becomes hard compared to what Claudine is experiencing.

 The Gender Based Violence (article 6) is very clear on the matter of protecting children when decisions of divorce are made.

The article states, “Gender based violence shall be one of the causes of divorce. At the time divorce is being decided, the rights of children from the spouses shall be taken into account in accordance with the law.” 

 Some people suffer because of ignorance of the law. It’s important for local leaders to help in sensitizing the public about the gender based violence in order to prevent its effects.

Effects of divorce differ from one mother to another, the same way causes do. Based on creativity, some mothers softly absorb such hard times although not perfectly.

The law should take its course in efforts to protect Children rights in such cases and that will also help parents realize the effects of divorce to their homes.