Things that make kigali sparkle

Kigali has been a preferred city lately by tourists and foreigners to do business and visit amongst the more established cities in the region like Kampala, Nairobi and Dare salaam.

Kigali has been a preferred city lately by tourists and foreigners to do business and visit amongst the more established cities in the region like Kampala, Nairobi and Dare salaam.

 A person who was here before or just after 1994 would be very astonished by what he would see if he came back. After liberation, the authorities recognized the importance of having a capital city that Rwandans can be proud of which the previous administration entirely ignored.

One can not help but ponder what the people in power at the time were engaged in that much to forget the development of a city as important as a capital city. Despite Kigali being a young and small city, it can be proud of a lot of things that some of the major and vibrant cities would wish for.

These include the following:
Kigali is one of the cleanest cities you can find around the world. Take a look around and you notice the lack of litter on the streets.

At almost every street you find litter bins placed which conveniences walkers by to throw chewing gums, papers, cigarettes and other litter into the bins.

Kigali habitants being the law abiders they are do not need to be pushed by authorities as they know the importance of a clean city some of them having lived in very untidy cities in the past.

The cleanliness of Kigali is something that has taken many visitors by surprise as many of them expected something different.

The tall, stylish buildings that are constructed day in day out are evidence of the rapid growth of Kigali. Kigali is coming out of its slumber and is now becoming a vibrant city.

During the last four years Kigali residents have seen a lot of tall buildings being constructed especially around the city centre and the RAMA and Taxi park buildings which are about to be completed would add more spice to the outlook of the city.

These fast paced constructions taking place around the city is a sign that the famous vision 2020 is going according to plans.

The inhabitants of a city determine the development of the city. Kigali residents or Rwandans in general are known to be hospitable people.

Visitors who are in Kigali for the first time do not face logistic problems as help is available anywhere you seek it. This has impressed various visitors to the country and have gone back to their home countries with a good picture of the city.

Another unique feature of Kigali city is the tight security that is felt. One is able to move from one place to another with valuable items at any time of the day or night without fear of being hijacked, robbed or kidnapped.

The authorities are quick to respond to any security threats and the fact that there is minimal presence of police with little complaints of security means that Rwandans are naturally peace loving people.

The road network in the city where traffic flows smoothly around the city without the heavy traffic jams that are associated with other capital cities. The absence of potholes on many of Kigali roads has led to the good reputation of Kigali as an African city.

Kigali city is also renowned for the beauty of its people especially the women. Visitors from countries especially neighboring countries have come to appreciate the beauty of Rwandese women and are frequent visitors of Kigali.

Absence of street hawkers on the streets of Kigali has also helped to distinguish Kigali city from the rest of the other African cities.

The hilly nature of Kigali is also another distinct feature of the city. It can be an advantage or disadvantage to someone but without a doubt this feature leads to a remarkable outlook of the city especially during the night. 

Isn’t Kigali really unique? I know the answer to that.