Looking at the lives of prosperous people both in the bible and today’s life and how they got to the top, shows that they were all supported/guided by someone.

Looking at the lives of prosperous people both in the bible and today’s life and how they got to the top, shows that they were all supported/guided by someone.

Many people we look at as successful in business, preaching, politics, sports, academics…all had other people that helped them to get there.

Analyzing the story of Saul being transformed into Paul will give us a better picture of what I am trying to emphasize. Saul was persecuting all the Christians that he was coming across but because God was on the side of the Christians, Saul was transformed into Paul hence becoming a Christian too.

One day on his way to persecute Christians, God met Saul and he fell off his horse and became blind for sometime. This marked the start of Paul getting on top of things.

J.E.A.B stands for Joseph, Epophorous, Ananias, and Barnabas. These are the kind of people that you should pray that God brings into your life for you to prosper and get on top of things as follows:
Ananias: after Paul getting blind on his way to persecute Christians, he stayed indoors for sometime. God sent Ananias to pray for him.

When Ananias prayed for Paul, he felt like scales of fish were falling off his eyes and he started seeing. In life today, we need people who will help us see what we can’t see or help us see what we need to see so as to prosper. When Paul started seeing what he could not see he went places and he greatly prospered.

Barnabas: after Paul regaining his sight, he started doing God’s work but he was in a village setting. One day when Barnabas came to preach in a place near Paul’s village and visited him.

After the visit, Barnabas told Paul that he would take him to start preaching in big cities and from that day Paul moved a step higher: from the village to the city. We might be doing good things, business in certain places but we need to pray to God to send someone who will help us get in places we can shine best.

You might be performing well in some place yet you can perform best in another but you need someone to take you to that place where your fullest potential can be realized.

Joseph: it was Joseph of Aramathea who asked for the body of Christ for burial. This Joseph was a rich man who had influence over the authorities. Not even the disciples could access the body of Christ till Joseph came in.

In whatever we do, we need people to invest in us, people who have money and influence to help us prosper. It was also Joseph the son of Jacob who interpreted the dreams of Pharaoh that they were able to grow enough food to see them through the days of hard famine.

Pray that someone will help translate your dreams into reality.
Epophorus: In the bible we are shown that for many great men of God to survive the hard times, they had people who would pray for them even without them knowing.

We need to pray in order for God to bring “Epophorous”, people who will on a daily basis pray for good things to happen in our lives. Sometimes, friend, we really fail to pray for ourselves so such people will always pray for us.

As you leave your house every morning, I urge you to pray to GOD that you meet the J.E.A.B people that are necessary into turning your life into excellence. We need to also know that when God is doing many things He uses man, after transforming Saul into Paul God sent men to help Paul prosper.

TD Jakes helped preacher Juanita Bynum to reach where she is today. TD Jakes was also supported by another preacher. I believe Bill Gates was supported by someone to get where he is. But you could also start by being a blessing to others and that way, with prayer, you will get the J.E.A.Bs into your life.