SOCIETY MATTERS: Girls should also say it

Naturally and most especially in the African culture, girls are meant to be on the receiving end when it comes to expressing feelings on the opposite sex.

Naturally and most especially in the African culture, girls are meant to be on the receiving end when it comes to expressing feelings on the opposite sex.

However, I don’t think this is fair since we were all created equal and are entitled to expressing our feelings equally.

I think it is so stressing if you cannot approach that hunk to say the four lettered word just because that is how nature dictates.

I know some of you who are reading this are already protesting against this idea, but there are a lot of reasons that you have to consider in this case.

I don’t have any problems with boys being the proposers, but you also have to consider the situation where the guy in question is an introvert.

This guy wants to say something but because he is shy, he cannot go on and say it.

It is at this rate that I think the girl has to come in and break the ice if she at all also feels the same way. There is no raison d’être she should let him go just because society dictates she waits for his first move.

My friend Henry thinks it would sound so weird if a girl came and proposed to him. In his view, it is just not proper and if a girl dared propose to him, he would never have anything to do with her at all again.

Henry does share his view with a lot of people, but to me this would be suppressing the girls’ freedom of expression.

What harm would it do to anybody if the girl came and said what is deep in her heart? Don’t girls also have feelings just like their counterparts? I think everybody should desist from this kind of stereotype thinking.

Elyne is young and single; she is not in any relationship but thinks that there is nothing wrong with a girl approaching the boy and telling him how she feels.

She backs this by saying that for a relationship to be firm there should be conviction between the two people involved.

She however says that despite the fact that there are many girls out there who could have the nerves to take a step and propose to the boy, they are still hindered by the societal perceptions and the feeling that such an action is not proper.

Many girls say that if a girl is to propose to a boy, then she should be prepared for embarrassment as the chances of being repulsed are always high.

However, this seems to be just another phobia which is harboured by the girls because even for the boys, no one proposes while sure that the response will be a positive one save for a few exceptions where the signs are clear.

So if a girl goes on and does propose to the boy and yields negative results, she should not be discouraged to try another chance. That is what we boys also go through in the world of love. Some of them land a good deal after trying over and over.

I have talked to a number of boys who think that it is okay if a cute girl came and showed their interest. Some boys also have a problem of lack of choice, so may be a thing like girls proposing could help them.

It is my belief therefore that if the girls desisted from the stereotype thinking, they can alter in another era of true gender balance.