Poet's corner: What I saw today

Today I saw a wife weeping…Still mourning her loving husbandThe first man she ever lovedWho was taken away from herLeaving her lonely and emptyAnd today still unable to loveHe will always be the one in her heartLove has lost it’s meaning to her

Today I saw a wife weeping…
Still mourning her loving husband
The first man she ever loved
Who was taken away from her
Leaving her lonely and empty
And today still unable to love
He will always be the one in her heart
Love has lost it’s meaning to her

Today I saw a mother crying…
Still mourning a baby boy
Thinking of what could have been
He would be about to finish high school now
From the first time she held him in her arms
She had great plans for his life
She always knew he would be a doctor
He never even learned to read

Today I saw a young man looking so lost…
He still can’t understand what happened
Where did mom and dad go for so long?
Why was I left all alone in this world?
What did I ever do wrong to deserve this?
He was just a little boy when it happened
And it still doesn’t make any sense today
All he knows is that they are gone

Today I saw a lady… she was just there
She stopped feeling anything
The night they brought her the news
That young man she was promised to
The one she had kept herself pure for
There would be no wedding that year
No children in the next few years
That night she stopped dreaming.

Today I saw a sister, I saw a brother
All of a sudden they became “an only child”
I saw a grand father, a grand mother
Wondering why they had survived
And had outlived they grandchildren
I saw a father, I saw a husband
No wife, no child to go home to
No point of living, he’s just existing

Today I saw what war can do
Today I saw what hate can drive to
Today I saw people hurting so bad
Whoever said time heals meant ages
Today I saw thousands of people
Everyone looking for comfort
Everyone searching for answers
Everyone carrying their own pain and loss
And praying for strength and courage to go on

Today I saw how pain brings unity
But it shouldn’t have come to this
If we had just lived in harmony
This would have never happened
Today I saw so much hurt and regrets
But also so much hope for the future
I saw the long road ahead of us
But that’s ok… we will walk it together.