Operation Umuja Wetu ends

The joint Operation aimed at defeating the rebel FDLR group ended this week with officials from both Rwandan and DR Congo vowing to continue their efforts to defeat the rebels.

The joint Operation aimed at defeating the rebel FDLR group ended this week with officials from both Rwandan and DR Congo vowing to continue their efforts to defeat the rebels.

Foreign affairs minister Rosemary Museminali was quoted saying that the two countries will continue working together especially on the diplomatic front to ensure a complete defeat of the FDLR.  The operation was explained as a success.

It was also revealed by Museminali that Rwanda and DR Congo have fully restored bilateral relations and will reopen their embassies in both capitals to facilitate diplomatic relations between the two countries, that were strained a couple of years back.

The United Nations representative in the DR Congo, Allan Doss, was in the news early this week calling upon the remnants of the FDLR militia to surrender.

He urged them to use the available opportunity to lay down their arms and return home. The top UN diplomat in the DR Congo was on a two-day tour of Eastern DR Congo.

His call to the FDLR combatants to lay down their arms comes after many elements of the FDLR have been either captured or killed in the just concluded joint operation between the Rwanda Defence Forces and the Congolese Armed Forces aimed at defeating the militia that is responsible for carrying out the 1994 genocide against Tutsis in Rwanda.

In a related development, the governor of North Kivu province Julien Kahongya Paluku on Monday praised the just concluded joint DRC-Rwanda military operation against the FDLR.

Parliament adopts new media bill

The chamber of deputies early this week, adopted the law governing the media after agreeing to all amendments made by a joint ad hoc committee. The bill once was passed as a law, is expected cause to far reaching reforms in the media industry in the country.

President Paul Kagame this week commended the Judiciary’s performance in 2008 and pledged more government support to the institution. 

He lauded the judiciary for the reforms and achievements made in 2008 and encouraged all stakeholders in the institution to ensure justice prevails down to the grassroots.

Kagame also this week called for quick means in addressing the current under-development of regional infrastructure. He said this was prerequisite fro the region to increase its competitiveness.

He made the call while making his state of the East African Community (EAC) address in Arusha, Tanzania. He also briefed the regional legislators on the current status of the regional integration, its achievements and the future.

Meanwhile, the head of the African Union commission, Jean Ping was quoted in the press commending the cooperation between Rwanda and the DRC aimed at uprooting the FDLR.

This was shortly after he had held talks with Kagame at Urugwiro Village. He also visited DRC President Joseph Kabila before coming to Rwanda.

It was also reported this week that the office of the Ombudsman had given the Criminal Investigation Department sixty days to complete investigations against government officials who have failed to justify their wealth. It was reported that twelve government officials are the targets of the investigations.

Catholic priest sentenced for Genocide

The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda sentenced a catholic priest one Emmanuel Rukundo to twenty five years in prison.

He was found guilty of murder as a crime against humanity and extermination. He joins other clergy who have been sentenced for various crimes in relation to the 1994 Genocide against Tutsis. 

However he is the second priest to be found guilty by the Arusha based ICTR.

89% pas A’ Level

The Rwanda National Examinations Council (RNEC), released A-level results saying that an estimated 89% of all the candidates who sat for national examinations have passed.

Of the 38,928 candidates, 34,602 passed and are eligible for certificates. The state minister for primary education Theoneste Mutsindashyaka said that the results for last year were better compared to the previous years.