A life in the day of .... A taxi conductor

Ndayishimye Claude is a conductor of Omnibus that takes the Kimironko-Nyabugogo route.
Ndayishimye Claude. (Photo / S. Tumusiime)
Ndayishimye Claude. (Photo / S. Tumusiime)

Ndayishimye Claude is a conductor of Omnibus that takes the Kimironko-Nyabugogo route.

My day is hell. I wake up at 4am and head for a shower. After the shower I do not waste a minute; by 5pm I am where we park the bus.

We first work on the Kimisagara-Nyabugogo route. People are many on this route heading to the market to buy deferent items or sell what they have. It’s hectic in the morning.

If we register our bus on the line, there is no time for breakfast as we immediately move on. But if there are some vehicles in the line before us, I get a chance to eat my breakfast.

After breakfast we continue with our day’s tussle; the biggest challenge being passengers. Some pay readily and willingly while others will try to avoid paying. I have to have my wits about me at all times!

But the most challenging part is yelling at people. Going along shouting, Nyabugogo, Nyabugogo, or Kimironko is never good but we do it to survive.

The trend is the same till 2pm when we park the taxi and go for lunch. I normally use Frw700 for lunch. I eat from a relatively cheap place in Kimironko.

I resume work immediately after lunch. The most challenging time is the afternoon. In most cases it’s hot.

The vehicle heats up. I always feel so sleepy and sometimes feel confused about who paid and who didn’t.  I work in these conditions til late evening; at around 9pm when we head for the car wash. The driver leaves me there and heads home.

This is when I go for supper.
The car is always clean by 10.30pm. I ring the driver who comes to collect it. He drops me home.

Immediately I head for a shower at around 11pm I am in bed. I am paid Frw2,000 a day.