My perfect weekend

Habineza is the Minister of Culture and Sports (MIJESPOC).  
Joseph Habineza
Joseph Habineza

Habineza is the Minister of Culture and Sports (MIJESPOC).  

On Friday evenings, I leave the office and head to play tennis. After the game, I’ll search for a fancy restaurant to enjoy my favourite food and drinks.

Unlike a lot of people, even at the weekends I don’t spend much time in bed. I will jump out of the bed at 5.30 am or 6am at the latest. I do some physical exercises, have a shower and get ready for breakfast.

I enjoy Saturdays because it’s when I spare time to share breakfast with my family and chat with my lovely kids.

Normally, at around 11, I will figure out what’s going on in my ministry. There are always sports activities going on over the weekends, and as the Minister of Sports, it is my responsibility to attend some of these activities.

Sundays, I set aside for golf. After having lunch, I go to Nyarutara Golf Club, where I join my friends to play the game. Sometimes I also drive around Kigali by myself or with my kids.

Kigali weekends are sometimes boring. There are few entertainment venues, like theatres, cinema halls, or cultural centres.

Because of this I like to escape the city and head to Gisenyi or Nyungwe to enjoy the beautiful scenery and nature.

I must admit, I he love clubbing, but because of most people’s poor altitude towards his hobby, I’ve given up.

Whenever I would go clubbing, people, some of whom I even didn’t know would come and tell me lots of stories, some of which were unnecessary.