A life in the day of .... : A waitress

Josiane Mukamukiza has been a waitress at African Foods in Remera for one year
Josiane Mukamukiza
Josiane Mukamukiza

Josiane Mukamukiza has been a waitress at African Foods in Remera for one year

I wake up at 5am and head straight away for a shower. I make breakfast for my boss’s children before they go to school. At 7am, the children’s breakfast is ready.

At 7.30am, I escort them to school and head to work. I start work at 8am. Customers are already here in the morning for breakfast.

Customers are in hurry and what they want is food and woe to you if you don’t it quickly. I do not have time to sit because we receive customers every second.

At around 11am, most of the customers have had their breakfast but few come in for either a cup of milk or snacks.

This is when I eat my breakfast. By 12pm, food is ready and customers have already started to flock in for lunch. We are busy again.

I resume serving until around 4pm.
At 4pm I eat my lunch and get some rest. I sit for almost an hour or head out to get some fresh air.

By 5pm customers are already back and I am on my feet to serve them. I serve them until 9am but sometimes it stretches till 930pm. It depends on number of customers we get.

I eat my supper a few minutes before 10pm at the restaurant before going home.

The money I earn helps me to look after my mother and young sister who stay with an orphan. I earn Frw12,000 every month and am happy about the contribution I make towards my home.

I leave work at 10pm and head home. At this time, I am very tired. When I reach home, I sometimes help in the simple work that is there or sometimes head to my bedroom for a few minutes rest.

I later on go for a shower and thereafter head to my bedroom again.

In my room, I first read some verses in the bible and pray to God to protect me and see me through the following day. In most cases I am sleep by 11pm.