WOMAN 2 WOMAN: Tell your doctor the truth

Everybody lies. However some lies are capable of ruining your life.

Everybody lies. However some lies are capable of ruining your life.

Think about it …. You had this abnormal discharge for months; you have probably bought all sorts of soaps to treat it.

But nothing has changed. You are feeling so uncomfortable.  After suffering quietly for sometime, you decide to seek professional help.

When you get to the doctor, and you are probably asked when this started, you simply reply “Yesterday…..”

In a Columbia University survey, researchers found that more than half of women ages 25 to 49 are not entirely honest with their doctors.

The top reasons: They were embarrassed, did not think the information was important, or did not want to face a scolding.

But if anything, your doctor needs 100 per cent truth because missing info could lead to errors in diagnosis or treatment.

Three instances when it pays to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth:

Smoking: If you are among the few women that smoke, do not try to lie to your Doctor. What you may not know is that smoking also increases your risk of blood clots and stroke if you’re on any hormonal contraceptive.

If your gynecologist knew you smoked, she /he would probably recommend a non hormonal option like an IUD or a diaphragm, which would reduce related blood clot risk to nearly zero.

Smoking also raises blood pressure. Getting blood pressure when one is pregnant puts in danger both the life of a pregnant mother and the unborn child.

Alcohol: You say “I drink occasionally, usually only on the weekends and it’s never more than a glass.”  Yet in actual sense mix almost everything from a beer, cocktail to whisky.

Excessive alcohol is capable of damaging your liver. And if you have diabetes, excess drinking can lead to high blood pressure and nerve damage.

If your nights out tend to turn into binge boozing sessions (even if only occasionally), tell your doctor to help avoid problems.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STDs): If you have had unprotected sex at some stage in your life, then getting infected STD should not be a surprise.

Untreated STDS are capable of damaging your reproductive organs, blocking your fallopian tubes. This can result into infertility and other complications.

Always consult a doctor if you are worried about your health. And when you visit the doctor, tell the truth to get appropriate treatment.