Relationships: Aunt’s corner

Dear Aunt Silvia,I am a middle aged married man and a father of five. My wife of twelve years is such a heartless person.

Dear Aunt Silvia,
I am a middle aged married man and a father of five. My wife of twelve years is such a heartless person.

One day in the middle of the night she chased my female cousin who is expecting. When I asked her about the reason, she told me that people have been telling her that my cousin is expecting my baby.

It’s such a white lie because I have lived with that girl ever since she was orphaned at the age of 14 years and have treated her as one of my children.

For my wife to believe and even think of such things has really belittled me. The girl has refused to mention the man responsible of her pregnancy, and tension is growing in my house by day. Please help.

Dear Amos,
The young girl is surely putting a lot of pressure on your marriage and you are accepting that fact.

You should stand up as the man of the house and demand answers from that young girl; can’t you see that has she put you between a rock and a hard place?

Your wife is right to react the way she is, because you have done nothing to assure her that whatever rumors she heard is not right.

That girl is afraid of something or someone that is why she is not ready to divulge a lot of information to you and the family at large.

Since the girl is scared, why don’t you take her to another relative’s place, where she will feel more comfortable to be, and be ready to spill the beans about the father of her expected baby?

As it is, your wife has lost trust in you completely; you only need to speed up the matter with your family, in order to get your name cleared.

If the girl is expecting and a student, it will only be wise if she receives counseling to help her cope with the situation.

She also needs to be assured that life continues no matter what happens in one’s life. She can deliver her baby, and go back to school so that in future she can be self dependant.

In the meantime I advise you to send some few elderly women relatives

Who can try to bring out some information out of the girl, because you need to be cleared of these rumors before you are able to face your wife and family again.