Non - perfoming district officials to face the sack

DISTRICT employees who don’t perform to government expectations are to loose their jobs.

DISTRICT employees who don’t perform to government expectations are to loose their jobs.

Eugène Barikana, the Secretary General in the Ministry of Local Administration, Good Governance, Community Development and Social Affairs (MINALOC) said this during a Local Governments’ 2008 budget preparation review on Friday, September 05 at Prime Holdings.

“Those who do not meet the daily challenges of their duties should step down because they delay government programs,” Barikana said.

He attributed failure of some government programs in districts to non-performing officers who are said to have hoodwinked the government that they were competent.

Most of the alleged non-performers are said to have been employees in the Central government, who were later transferred to various districts and sectors in 2006.

Barikana advised human resource officials to carry out an evaluation of their employees at least once every month to identify those who had failed to reach their targets and deal with them accordingly.

“Some of them might be having big shots in government shielding them but human resource managers are obliged to perform their duties and should not fear external forces,” Barikana said.

The Vice Mayor of Kigali City in charge of Finance and Economic Development, Dieudonnè Rumaragishyika expressed his dissatisfaction over a number of employees who do not deliver, adding that they should be disciplined by line authorities.

However Rumaragishyika said districts should emphasize on capacity building to increase skills of their employees before they can think of sacking them.

The Secretary General is in charge of the coordination of all administrative activities and technical services of the Ministry.