Rwanda to host global financial inclusion summit

Rwanda will on the 18 July host a global financial inclusion summit. 

Rwanda will on the 18 July host a global financial inclusion summit. The summit, code named “Financial Inclusion for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development”, will bring together financial sector regulators, policy makers, partners and eminent researchers across the global to discuss the achievements and challenges in relation to global financial inclusion, a statement from Central Bank has indicated.

The event, organised by National Bank of Rwanda in partnership with Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI), African Development Bank (ADB) and the World Bank is part of the golden anniversary activities.

“More specifically, it will present a platform to discuss topics such as financial stability and integrity; innovations and technology; poverty alleviation; inclusive growth and sustainable development,” John Rwangombwa, Governor central bank, said in the statement. 

Rwanda plans to double its formal financial inclusion to 80% within the next three years. Figures from the country’s central bank indicate that Rwanda has made significant strides, doubling formal inclusion from 21% to 42% in the recent years.

The country reduced its total exclusion from 52% to 28% between 2008 and 2012.