Real solution to South Sudan crisis lies with African leaders

Editor,  I WISH to respond to Kenneth Agutamba’s article, “Please save South Sudan” (Sunday Times, April 27). 


I WISH to respond to Kenneth Agutamba’s article, “Please save South Sudan” (Sunday Times, April 27). 

The internal tribal struggle within the South Sudan as the African youngest nation is a challenge to all the African countries to demonstrate to the world that Africans indeed can learn from some of the darkest past that have hurt the continent most, a past that has robbed us of our loved ones.

It’s a great challenge to the current African leaders to show to the rest of the world how ready and united they are towards avoiding the same past that has retarded the continent’s development.

African problems seem to be the same and man-made and can only be solved through the employment of the unified African ideologies that transcend any service that’s based on self-interests in order to serve a universal purpose to Africans.


Clet Kintu Mugabo, United States


BUT SAVE South Sudan from whom? Themselves? Here are people who said they will be better off with their own country and they got one, barely three years down the road, they suddenly start killing each other. 

Maybe it’s the nature of Sudanese people to fight? 

Maybe your pragmatic solution is the best; let’s give them the stage for a winner to emerge. Uganda went there and it was accused of taking sides, but in Syria, USA and others took side with the rebels, in Libya the same. If the solution is to take sides to save a frail government, then why not?

I’m afraid to say this but I think that these people are too disorganised to govern a country of their own. For me, they were better off with President Omar Bashir. There are already 10,000 UN peacekeepers in there, let them go to work. But if South Sudan continues their tribal violence, I advise them to rejoin the Arab Republic of Sudan.

Churchill, Nairobi, Kenya 

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