Guma Guma second road show raises the momentum

THE 10 Primus Guma Guma Super Star Season four contestants had a successful second road trip in Nyamagabe District, Southern Province last Saturday.
Fans cheering on their favourite stars. (Plaisir Muzogeye)
Fans cheering on their favourite stars. (Plaisir Muzogeye)

THE 10 Primus Guma Guma Super Star Season four contestants had a successful second road trip in Nyamagabe District, Southern Province last Saturday.

The show which was held at Nyagisenyi Stadium was attended by thousands, mostly the youth compared to the first road show in Rusizi.

Bruce Melodie’s performance kicked off the show at 2:40pm amidst cheers from his fans. 

The singer, who had the previous night won the Best RnB category at the 2014 Salax Awards, pulled off a spectacular performance of his famous hit songs including Uzandabure, Copy Yawe, Inkovu and Njyewe Ndumiwe to the delight of the crowd which sang along.

After Bruce Melodie, the eccentric Eric Senderi ‘International Hit’ stormed the stage in style as usual. 

The crowd also got to know his new nickname ‘Harvard’ as revealed by MCs Tino and Anita.

The ever jolly singer was clad in an orange overall common with construction workers. He completed the look with his usual Primus beer in hand as he hit the stage. 

Senderi gave his all as he sang Umuvuduko, Aba Rayons, Icyomoro before completing his performance with Jalousie.

Christopher then came on, performing his hit songs including Iri Joro, Uwo Munsi and Birahagije as his fans cheered him on. The singer who is in the show for the second time is fast becoming popular.

Jules Sentore, a first time contestant in PGGSS and the star behind hit songs such as Nyaruguru remix, Udatsikira and Muraho Neza then came and graced the audience with these exact songs though the crowd wasn’t as excited compared to other artistes largely because he used a play list that didn’t seem very popular in this particular region. 

Diana Teta came on next with a wonderful performance compared to her previous one in Rusizi as she moved the crowd with songs like Ndagukunda Nzapfa Ejo, Fata Fata, Kata and Canga Ikarita

This time round however, she didn’t have dancers but MC Anita joined her on stage to dance and sing along, getting the crowd excited in the process.

Jay Polly, in for the third time, was the next to perform and he still proved to be a big force to reckon with. The Tuff Gangs rapper thrilled the crowd with his hip hop hit songs such as Vuza Ingoma, Ikosora and Deux Fois Deux

He had a back-up rapper who spiced up things and indeed Jay Polly proved that he will be the man to beat.

Young Grace, also a hip hop artiste and a second timer in the music show sung to a less excited crowd, considering the clout of the previous performer. Nevertheless she tried her part, performing Simubure, Ikimenyane and Muze Tubyine.

Next on the stage was Dream Boys, who like Jay Polly, command a good following and indeed put up a marvellous performance which thrilled the crowd. The duo sang Ungaraguza Agati, Urare Aharyana and Nshatse Inshuti.

Ama-G the Black followed , belting out Ingoma Yawe, Care and Agakayi. His performance was as good as the one in Rusizi.

The last contestants to crown the Nyamagabe road show were the all-boy group Active. The trio, who also won Best New Artiste of the Year in the 2014 Salax Awards, moved the crowd with their ecstatic "new school" dance moves that appealed to the teenage crowd.

The ‘Pole’ singers gave a befitting performance to crown a wonderful evening. The show ended at 6:30pm and owing to the energetic performance, the contestants left quite exhausted. 

The next road show will be in Huye District on May 3, 2014, after the 20th anniversary commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

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