Kagame demands results, renewed commitment from RPF leaders

MUHANGA – President Paul Kagame has asked newly-elected RPF party members to produce practical results in their present leadership positions.
BY DANIEL SABIITI IN SOUTHERN PROVINCE MUHANGA – President Paul Kagame has asked newly-elected RPF party members to produce practical results in their present leadership positions. Kagame, who is also the national chairman of RPF, made the remarks while presiding over the closure of a three-day workshop at Rwanda Institute of Administration and Management (RIAM) in Murambi on Sunday. “Based on the history and reasons for RPF establishment, there have been achievements and progress in the party compared to other parties in Rwanda and Africa and this should be cherished,” Kagame, who was speaking in Kinyarwanda, said. He was officially closing an RPF leaders’ seminar. “This means a lot of work. Now that the (armed) struggle is over, the big question is what next now that you are in leadership?” he added. “How far have we gone and where shall we be in five or ten years from now. What is so different from what we keep discussing over and over again?” the President asked. “What is the progress that makes us different from other parties?” He however cautioned that the results should simply be practical and evident without lies or tricks saying that “the problem is not ‘what to do’, but failing to do it with results on the ground.” Kagame also noted that RPF has to deliver more than other parties (since it is in power) by being responsible and exemplary in the fight against poverty, injustice and corruption. “The essence of RPF’s existence is to have one goal and a single commitment; that is to solve the problems of Rwandans. I imagine that is what other parties too have in mind as a starting point of competition. Now that we (RPF) are responsible, we must [promote] the party’s identity and life, by doing more than others; otherwise they will rightfully claim the positions because we aren’t any better.” he said. The president insisted on the importance of transforming the livelihood of Rwandans with a focus on development in all areas of life. “The plan of transforming society is your responsibility and the results must be seen in people working and getting physical benefits so as to solve problems of Rwandans. “This transformation should start in your minds and be transformed into real actions and visible results,” the President said. “This is a big task and it needs constant struggle with aggressiveness, ambition and braveness.” RPF national vice-chairman, Christophe Bazivamo said that the party members had identified key areas that need to be strengthened including discipline among members, role of the party in family planning education, Gacaca courts and uprooting Genocide ideology and poverty. Also discussed was good governance, media, markets and disaster preparedness. ENDS

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