How will you spend Valentine’s Day?

TOMORROW LOVERS will paint the town red as they celebrate Valentine’s Day - a day of lovers across the globe. Collins Mwai talked to a cross section of people about the day and how they plan to spend it. 
Intore Masamba
Intore Masamba

TOMORROW LOVERS will paint the town red as they celebrate Valentine’s Day - a day of lovers across the globe. Collins Mwai talked to a cross section of people about the day and how they plan to spend it. 

Intore Masamba, musician/founder of Gakondo Troupe

As Rwandans our culture teaches us and encourages us to love every day. We should not limit showing love to only one day in a year. It is probably a creation of the western culture as a day to excite people to spend highly. I personally do not believe in Valentine’s Day, but I respect that some regard it highly and respect their belief.

Liza Kamikazi, singer and songwriter

Like anyone else who believes in love, I will use the day to have a special moment with my husband. Now that I also have children, it means even more because it is proof of what happens when two people are in love; you produce and become a bigger family.

However, one should not be under pressure on Valentine’s Day just because they do not have anyone to go out with.

I have seen advertisements about places where people can go out and meet people they have never met before (blind dates). There should be no such pressure for love, some things like love happen at their own right timing.

Grace Nyinawumuntu, AS Kigali Women’s team coach

I am preparing the team for a match over the weekend, and may not have the luxury to be part of the day.

But it is important that on Valentine’s Day lovers take time to evaluate where their relationship stands. Even the married need that one special day to rethink how they can rekindle their love. They can take the moment to look at what they have come through and how to get stronger in their relationship.

Most of the previous Valentine’s Days have coincided with my busy work schedules.  But last year’s Valentine was memorable.  I went out with my husband and a few friends for dinner and drinks.

DJ Pius

Those who do not see a big deal in valentine are probably those who are not in relationships, but it really means a lot for couples. It is a day to evaluate where your relationship stands.

This Valentine’s Day will be special; it will be my graduation day, my birthday and the last before my wedding which is scheduled for March. My day is already cut out as I have a graduation scheduled, and will probably spend the rest of the day with my girlfriend.

DJ Kadir

It will be work as usual. I will be at work spinning the discs. Valentine’s Day of 2009 will remain unforgettable in a long time though I cannot talk about it and why it remains my most memorable.

Riderman, Rapper

I definitely have something planned for the day but I would not want to disclose it now. It would give away the surprise for my girl friend. Why should she find out before I actually surprise her?

Evelyne Umurerwa, journalist

For most of the day I will be at work, but I will definitely have to create time to go out with my husband.

Jack Ross, founder of Bridge Records, a recording studio

Valentine’s Day is a day to make those close to you feel special. Being a day to go out of our way for the one’s we love, I will definitely go out with my girlfriend, and surprise her with a gift or two. Most of my previous valentines I have had similar experiences.

Lauren Makuza, Director of Culture Promotions, Ministry of Sports and Culture (MINISPOC)

I have kept it to myself so that it becomes a surprise. But I think it is important for lovers to evaluate their relationship, it should be a time to stop, and think about whatever has been happening in your love life. If your love life has been without goals, it would be a good time to set them.

Francis Iraguha, designer, Zahabu Designs

Though we love and prove our love every day, it is necessary on this day to do something special for loved ones and show them how much they really mean to us. It does not necessarily mean spending more than we should. We should spend within our budget as it is the thought that counts.

My most memorable valentines is when I was in high school, I was ill but someone made my day by giving me a flower. It truly meant a lot.

Aline Gahongayire, gospel artist

Personally I do not celebrate valentine’s, I show love and celebrate love every day. If I have a gift I would like to give to my husband, I can do that any day and not necessarily wait for one day in a year to prove my love.  Waiting for a single day to prove my love doesn’t add up for me, we should show love everyday.

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