Rwamagana, Kibungo hospitals set for upgrade

Rwamagana and Kibungo hospitals are set to be upgraded to referral hospitals.

Rwamagana and Kibungo hospitals are set to be upgraded to referral hospitals.

This was disclosed by the Minister for Health, Dr Agnes Binagwaho, during her assessment tour of the hospitals last week.

The two hospitals are being upgraded from a district hospital status to a referral at the same level as Kigali University Teaching Hospital (Chuk), Butare University Teaching Hospital (Chub), Rwanda Military Hospital and King Faisal Hospital.

“We shall work on hospital needs like; orthopaedic, and neonatology equipment. This visit has allowed us to assess progress made so far, since our last visit the hospitals have made tremendous progress; we are satisfied,” Dr Binagwaho said while in Ngoma District.

She urged the hospitals’ staff to offer exemplary services to their clients, noting that the beauty of the buildings alone was not enough.

“The good buildings coming up should be accompanied by excellent services; let every staff member serve people diligently. We are duty bound to ensure good service delivery,” the minister said.

The minister said the two hospitals would be upgraded as soon as the relevant laws have been enacted.

Equipment and specialists

The director of Kibungo Hospital, Dr William Namanya, said preparations to meet the requirements of a referral hospital in terms of personnel, surgical and lab equipment were underway.

“With the support of the Ministry of Health, we are getting empowered and our hospital is ready to be upgraded. Existing challenges will be handled with time,” Dr Namanya said.

Dr Jean Baptista Nkuranga, the director of Rwamagana Hospital, reiterated the need for specialised medical staff required by a referral hospital.

“We have only three specialists in our hospital instead of eight. This is a gap we must fill if we are to meet the standards of a referral hospital,” she said.

Other district hospitals that will be upgraded to referral hospitals include Karongi and Ruhengeri.

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