Is Rwanda population using all the cultivable land?

Dear readers, Rwandan population stands at approximately 8 million people and it may double by 2020. According to surveys, Rwanda has the highest population density in the world. In practical terms, the birth rate is very high, not in harmony with the available surface area. But is all the arable land available under cultivation? The answer is no. So while it may be true that the population growth is very high, it might not be true that land for habitation and farming is also limited. It is high time the government invests in hi- tech agriculture given the terrain of the country to reap best from these hill tops and valleys. Much of the population that lives in these places can be made to settle in urban areas and secure better land for cultivation and industrialisation. That being the picture, surveys indicate the rate of poverty is decreasing among the rural folk and the literacy level is increasing. This is good for the country because many of Africa’s woes lie in low levels of education, which is strongly associated with low skills. On the other hand, energy crisis is adding itself to already constrained Africa and Rwanda in particular. Many alternative ways need to be summoned to avert this hiccup as far as development in Africa is concerned. Rwanda is trying out the exploitation of methane gas in Lake Kivu to supplement on its power base. This energy problem should not hinder development in Rwanda. Let other partners with capacity help the country generate more energy that will be needed for industrial expansion. Nice weekend
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