Research will save LDCs from begging

One of the main reasons why African countries, Rwanda inclusive continue to suffer from underdevelopment is basically the inadequate attention they give to research, science and technology.

A glimpse at the countries that have extricated themselves from the “york” of poverty and underdevelopment shows that they have invested heavily in research and technology.

Likewise, the most financially successful organizations worldwide are those that have invested in research. A good example is the Microsoft Corporations of the world’s tycoon Bill Gates. Multi-nations in IT, medicine, engineering, as well as in agriculture have succeeded because they have realized that research   is an indispensable component in achieving financial supremacy.

In Rwanda and elsewhere in Africa, we have generally concentrated on foreign aid and there tense conditions which often leave “us” vulnerable to manipulate from foreign countries.

And in the actual sense, it generally due to the failure by our leadership to take time to study the reasons why other countries are successful economically and to realize that to country in the world has ever achieved economic progress through donor aid.

In Africa, we frustrate our professionals through poor remuneration thus forcing then to look for greener pastures elsewhere. Eventually, the attractive remuneration packages in the developed counties especially in research oriented institutions lead to brain drain. 


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